Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wow offer of help! I'm chuffed!

Today it took me 20minutes to get Oatie into school on the 200m path it took ages to get out the car to get Oatie out, I ended up in near splits while holding Oatie. I sent my daughter off ahead as she was going to be so late. Anyway someone who was so anti Oatie at the beginning of term offered to help us back to the car at pick up. I was like WOW! I decided to park in the staff carpark in the end as the usual parking bay is dangerous for Oatie and I.


  1. Wow - I wish the burden of getting better access didn't so often fall on those who need it most - because obviously there isn't always time (or energy!) to advocate for your needs. I'm glad somebody came through for you! Check back at Everyone Outdoors for a response to your comment on skating!!!

  2. Thanks Marcy, I was still chuffed this morning and told him so... so he said anytime, he would help as I think he was chuffed that I was so chuffed. I will have a look on your blog, xxx


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