Thursday, February 28, 2013

Family day - Week

This school doesn't have a whole week, so the week my parents were here we made that family week... as Family is important right!

So that was wonderful their visit but my parent have gone home now and we're all missing the heaps.

Oatie LOVED skiing with them and misses them so much.

It now feels more like Spring, I'm out in just a t-shirt and Oatie is excited to get back on his bike!

Oatie has been skiing in their ski training on the Fridays and has been ice skating with the special skaters on Sundays still.

I've started to get back into rolling Oatie in the afternoons too!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

St. Valentine Oatie

Today Oatie got St'Valentine cards from all the girls, apparently he's a huge favourite with the girls as he always charms them apparently and doesn't do "stupid boy stuff" as one girl put in her card to him, and can talk as much as them!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Life has been a huge blur

Life has been a huge blurr and I for the life of me don't know where the last few weeks have gone! Well I do... but then again I don't if that makes any sense!

My parents came over and we had the best visit EVER and it was wonderful! Oatie as a person has grown so much and is just so smart! I now might be talking out of context to my husband and Oatie is now at the age where he understands and and pipes in his two pence worth..

While my parents were here, the kids, husband and my parents skied together. I did ski one day as my dad and my husband took care of the little one in the ski lodge... and in between a run I fed her. With the weight gain that I acquire during pregnancy even my big ski boots didn't fit! It was agony.... lol!

I wore my husbands "clear the drive" snow pants and well it was funny but I did have fun skiing with my mum and dad and the kids.

I have hardly skied since we moved here and I think in the past 7 years I have skied 7 times. Where as I've encourage the 3 kids to ski lots as so much better to learn when you are little than when you're older and my husband to ski while I've looked after our new addition or the other ones which aren't skiing. All of that is really good as a result my husband has now been approved as the disable ski association helper and can ski with someone skiing behind them independently with Oatie.

Just yesterday Oatie's principle said how that Oatie couldn't go school skiing at they didn't have anyone qualified to ski with him and I said that this year my husband can't take a day off due to it clashing with a work commitment but next year he could ski with Oatie. His skiing has become so good that he could teach our new addition to ski on a ski harness:) so all is really good.

So with all of that aside,... I was just joking with my husband how (I used to go down double black without blinking an eye) and now I could do with a few lessons lol! and how I feel like I can't ski anymore (hence needing some lessons) When we skied in Kimberley last year, I had to mogul turn as my boots were too big, my feet decided to shrink that week... to my pre Oatie foot size lol!

I know that if I just skied for a few days it would probably come back lol! but it was just how I was chatting and Oatie piped in "Why can't you ski anymore?" so I said I wasn't saying I wasn't going to ski,... I just need some lessons, and then I asked Oatie if he would teach me to ski? to which he replied YES!

Oatie learned to lean on his bi ski this time and my husband rather than holding the handle managed to use the tethers (reins).

Well I have so much news..

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