Monday, January 27, 2014

Such a busy January! but good-ish if i could coin a new word...

Oatie has had a good January, so far he's not been ill... he's been referred to the Asthma clinic so when he is ill, he might recover faster...

He has a wealth of friends, which sometimes the school i feel want to hold him back, and I'm like no,.... as just the other day a few kids we know have been recently bullied and you think, the thought of not being bullied as so valuable that it's worth it's weight in gold.

Oatie has been making great strides in his skating and the past two fridays have been too warm, to ski... so he hasnt been going which is a shame.

We passed our citizenship test the other week which once we got the letter came around fast...

Oatie went to a friends party the other day and his big brother went as his aid... and he was good for his brother and yesterday, Oatie was very well behaved at his friends house we went over for supper.

He's been having his night ABR bench on for a good while now... Oatie's reluctance of having it back on was worried that he might wet himself.... but he seemed to have got over that fear.

One of my friends who was a early years teacher, tutors him for 1.5 hours a week in the basics and he really enjoys the 1-1 and seem to be excelling..

We have been doing flash cards with Oatie for a number of years on and off, depending on his interest level and he surprised me the other day by READING me a story!

His speech is coming on no end as I think the French helps the English and vice versa... I have to say that Oatie is fluent in French and English and i love how he tells me about his French day in English and is so smart too.

Monday, January 20, 2014

How Out of Control Is Illegal Handicapped Parking?

How Out of Control Is Illegal Handicapped Parking?  click this link to read the post from another blog

A Subject close to my heart... especially when we've had feet of snow, and these people who abuse the space see me struggling to push the wheelchair around and they still abuse it! !  !

I know it's not a right, for us to have a handicapped parking, but it makes life that bit easier and I really cherish the spaces.

Monday, January 13, 2014

House of cards

Life is like a house of cards...

A self portrait! lol!

One of our friends homes burnt down, luckily they are all fine. But each day I drive by it I think Sheesh!

Currently fighting our Council for improved 911 addressing. Now reported them to the leader of the opposition of our province... I was doing that before the fire, but now it's made it more of a daily reminder for me....

Also reporting our internet company to the equivalent of the monopolies and mergers commission... they buy up independents, and give us the most awful internet going, it's almost the same speed as dialup! ! !

We've had the flu go around our family... and a variety of disappointments and frustrations and arghghghghghghghg. Not to mention some of my family members have been on the receiving end of bullying from a woman who projects herself to the powers that be at one of the kids extracurric activities as "florence nightingale"... and her true personality is just plain UGLY.

Rant over and out...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Injury still recovering... bureaucrats and abuse of disabled parking

I'm still recovering from my shoulder injury, it happened about 2 years ago pushing Oatie around up hill in snow..

I was so desperate for the pain to go, that I even let the physio stick the muscle reset needles in my shoulder muscle like 20 times! It does feel much better but I was a bit silly over the break by not doing my exercises...

We have got Oatie back in the rhythm of having his ABR bench on at night, the only night we won't put it on him is Sundays... so he has one day of freedom where he can sneak downstairs and watch TV lol!

I finally got a reply from some bureaucrats after 3 months, they claimed that their reply to me must have got lost... but usually when that happens the sender or It's happened to me, where you forward the original email when you sent it to the person to kind of restore that it was lost in good faith...

And I was watching Emma, (Jane Austen) and well the wheelchair in that was just that a dining chair with carriage wheels on it. The design or function or the ergonomics of it really hasn't evolved.. much...

You would have thought in this day and age, that the "designers" would be making it you can lift it without injury... and make it easy to fold... etc.... They do it with strollers... why not wheelchairs?

And What I cannot Fathom, is that each province here is responsible for it's own "healthcare" and what i don't get in a province that is in snow for a good 6 months of the year... why do they give (government issued that you spend half on)... wheelchairs out that don't work in the snow! I'm like... makes no sense!

And my biggest peave is, the timbit hockey parents... they come to get their player, too lazy to park and walk... so they ABUSE THE DISABLED PARKING, I reported it ot the local police force and nothing has improved so far.

So there I am with the government issued piece of junk that is WAY overpriced! in hte snow... with the most snow fall from the beginning of the last Century.. and LUCKY to be able to park in the disabled parking spot, with a recovering shoulder injury... all because some people are just too lazy to walk.

When I'm not with Oatie, I would never ever DREAM of parking in the disabled spot... what's wrong with people!

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