Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Spelling tests, times tables

Oatie is doing OK in school.   We are meeting his teacher next week.   Oatie is having some independence issues, his pencil 'lead' snapped and so he couldn't complete his test, because he didn't ask for help...  And things like that...

His teacher is really nice so I'm sure we will find strategies for him to keep up :)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Parents info night

Oatie will be my translator this evening at parents info night...  Thursday is my busiest day,  mad dash between helping my eldest feel like he's contributing towards his school trip by collecting the papers, swimming and then parents and tot swimming, followed by a nice cup of tea with a friend, School pick up doing a paper route that we have to do in 20 minutes, and then get oatie and his offer sibs to piano to then going home, dinner..  Oatie and our little one off to school for info night and older two off skating...  Lol!  Looking forward to snuggling up in bed later lol!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

tired Oat

Oatie was so tired after school yesterday, he rushed to the washroom and then went to bed... I had made his favourite food for dinner and he said, let him sleep and then he woke up this morning.  He's been going to bed earlier than even last year... as our older two are skating late evening....so I stay home with the other two and bath them and put them to bed :)

I wonder if the hour each way is finishing him off... his room is still super tidy so I'm really getting inspired to get my ABR tools out again :))  (It's actually nice in his room rather than a death trap).

Saturday, September 12, 2015

can't sleep

Can't sleep, the school thing has been really bothering me... rather than giving the school year a good kickstart... it had totally unexpected challenges that I could have never imagined would have occurred.  They all knew that Oatie was in a wheelchair before the Summer holidays' it wasn't like a new thing... so why on earth would anyone move the handicapped school bus in a near by car park!  I have pushed his wheelchair in the snow and it made me want to cry when it's grounded... so to think of another person who isn't even related to him to do that...   As is it just snow on the ground, it had to have snowed... what are the parameters?  Will his bus go into the SAFE bus loop and get told to get out!!!  these are proper school buses... where as the bullies parents are abusing the bus loop by being lazy and dropping their kid off in the loop!!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

School Day one....

OMG, seriously.....

My grade 7 felt like he's been put back in to Kindergarten... and the bus is now 1 hour... and then another school division seems to have declared war on my kids school division and to cut a long story short, it appears that our school division and buses were bullied by another school divisions buses... so our school now has been given another area for our kids to load and offload so the bullies win!  Now my kids are late into school every day as this bus stop is a 5 minute walk from the school door and they have now said after I complained that on the snowy days, Oatie's bus may use the old location (their schools bus loop) in their opinion as I have been finding out that the bus loop is apparently the town's property not the bullies....

And we teach our kids to share so it gives adults who work with kids the licence to be a bully and demonstrate such like behaviour to the kids on the bus?!?!?! OMG seriously!
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