Tuesday, March 25, 2014

spring break in what feels the antartic! lol!

The kids are on a spring break, and it doesn't feel much like a break for the following reasons the kids are in a club ice show that was SO SO SO micromanaged that it's like amazing that it's even going ahead... me who is a super organised person, this makes me feel way out of my comfort zone...

Just the other day, I was meant to be handed costumes ready for sewing and instead get strips of pre cut fabric... and expected to magic out 40 outfits from it... and then we had the 15 fake fur animals that I was allergic too... that she, as if they were alive and moulting...

arghghghgh it's under two weeks to go and over half the club is at a competition this weekend and the person I was making it with got annoyed as she was the one who was doing the designing and cutting... so I enlisted another mum who has one child in junior high so she has a little more time then I do to help and is a sewing whizz and the other mum has taken offence.

On a different note, the kids have drawn Oatie's bedroom wall colour scheme plan for his new room.

Here it is...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oatie's report card:)

Oh and Oatie got a stellar report card today, it was amazing! amazing!

His sibs did awesome too... 

Fighting the Ski Centre

Would you believe that the place that is the HQ of the Canadian association of disabled skiers, doesn't let disabled skiers ski with their academic schools lessons???

Well YES, it's true, the school principle sent 15 or so emails and had no luck... so anyway I found out that she didn't try THAT hard as she sent them to some "bod" who doesn't even have a name.

So today was the day, that Oatie's siblings were due to go skiing and they didn't want to go without him.

Would you also believe that it was a teaching day, and the school who arranged this excluding activity (even though Oatie is an acomplished skiier) didnt' make any provision for him to come to school and learn... they even sent his AID on the ski trip! like how WRONG is that????

It took a few emails for the principle to actually admit that he wouldn't learn anything today, and then we will get to the end of the year when... they might bring back lets hold him back a year!!! I hate that line... as it's such a negative view point.
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