Monday, February 28, 2011

Snowing Monday...

Today was only -20 but felt like -35 or below just with the chill factor. So Oatie spent the day at home. I wasn't up for a run/swim either so after the school run I came home and Oat and I got settled down to his bench.

We did 2:40 on Saturday and 3:04 today. In one way it was nice not racing against the clock but on the other I do enjoy my morning cv.

Well we're going to have some lunch, hope where you are is warmer xxx

Love Oatie and Mummy

Before we started he was playing hide and seek with his ABR ball, he dropped it and wanted to stand and get the ball, but he was perplexed for a moment trying to think how to achieve this. Piaget would have loved it. Well, this is what he did, after 2 tries he got the ball in his hand then stood up. The next photo is WOW I did it followed on with his peek a boo game. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Look who's on the ICE!

Oatie is Buggy Skating... yes the well awaited skate happened today!  We didn't tell Oatie, until we were in the changing room putting on our skates.  When we told him, he said "NOPE, I no skate...I watch" and I said, not today you don't today you're buggy skating,... "ME buggy Skate?"..."Nope".  I wasn't enirely sure but I think that he thought that he'd be watching, inwardly I think he gave up on buggy skating as a viable option... but I know he wanted to as on our digital photo frame, there is a photo of us buggy skating on my birthday a year and a half ago.  Each and everytime he see's that photo he said "JJ Buggy Skate...JJ Skate"

Well, I got what JJ got, and last night I was feverish... don't you just love preschool!  But I said to Si, that unless I'm on a stretcher, I'm taking him skating.  My other two who had already done 1:45 at 7am this morning.... donned their "second hand" hockey skates for the first time.  My daughter was a bit more tentative but did v-push around by herself and did eldest, the scowl... oh the scowl, when he first went out, I couldn't help but roar with laughter which made him scowl more, as he stepped out and I put helmets and knee pads on them, he said he didn't want to hold my hand, shouted out how he hated "Hockey skates" and THUNK! down to the ice.... (I have a theory that if you're angry when you ice skate, the ice will pay you back, you'll have a THUNK!) totally different blade shape to figure skates.  Well I did 3 laps backwards holding his hands and after that he was v-pushing, doing chass├ęs, mowhawks, two foot turns and then did forward crossovers both sides.  He managed this only 20 minutes of being on the ice and he'd never worn hockey skates before ever.... and then retorted... "mum I've never been on hockey skates before and I can STILL skate faster than you!!!"  How Charming!

So I think they enjoyed the challenge as they skate way too fast for a family skate in their figure skates and usually have me telling them off from Jumping or Spinning...  So they had fun and Oatie most certainly had fun.

So less chatting from me...

Here are some photos...

Friday, February 25, 2011

It might be time for the Mayor...

Well, maybe I'm just a desperate housewife... but I'm getting the urge to contact our local town's Mayor. He seems like a nice enough guy, he was a gym teacher, so it's great that we have a Mayor into fitness... and seems enthusiastic about his new appointment.

Well, why? Well our town is "Old", for around here. I did have the "victory" over the family skating, but it's not just that. It's how inaccessible our town is for disabled people or people just in wheels.

With my Tina Turner bulging biceps carrying Mr Oat around as if I use our stroller the wheels will fall off. My friend (the knight) did find the ski attachment but with my optimism of Winter being "over" soon. (Ok who am I kidding -31oC today) well I'm still optimistic... It's the fact that sledge hockey if it was ever at our rink wouldn't be fathomable, unless you had an army of volunteers to help everyone down the steps... or how you can't get into the registry in town as it's up a huge step. It's how there is not a single disabled spaces between 3 schools. It's the lack of the ramp at the rec centre they have the spots but if you were on your own in wheels, forget it, you'll slide down the hill, no ramp just a large curb. I think the classic is that they "Community Room" at our Rec centre is UPSTAIRS with no lift! how is that a "community Room" more like a room for people who can climb stairs! I think it says it all, you are not part of the community if you can't climb stairs!

I seriously would love to ensure that every single person who repairs wheelchairs, or plans and designs buildings, buses or anything that people go to or use, to be wheelchair bound for 1-2 weeks a year. I feel that once they've had the awareness, then they might think outside the box a bit and actually build and renovate or improve the future design, so everyone can enjoy going on the bus, or whatever. Oh and my biggest pet hate is shops where the aisle is so narrow that even my "racing" style buggy doesn't fit. I don't mind the high selves so much as moi being my height I'm always asking for help.

My eldest's school has a disabled space... however it only has stairs around the entire building and for a purpose built school, why did they think that disabled people couldn't or wouldn't go there?

Who are these so called experts with 'qualifications' so lacking in the design department of public facility buildings? It's not just the physically restricted people, one of my friends is deaf and you would have thought in this day and age that you could use text to order a pizza or email... but no. She has to ask one of us to order it for her, (obviously we don't mind) but there isn't even a deaf friendly phone in say the rec centre or the library...

It's when choice is taken away - That's my beef.

Well here is Oatie's answer to the stairs. We got 2:50 of manual ABR today

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

So many thing to chat about...

Well, today was a rather unusual day, well it was uneventful which was nice!  I only had 2/3 of my kids quota in the car... yep Oatie had green fangs YUCK!  Just pulled out the driveway and then the SNEEZE so I took him back inside to spend the morning with his dad.

My daughter's class is building an igloo which require 4l milk bottles which we can't participate in as we're allergic/intolerant to cows milk... so she took a 2l goat milk bottle in for the top!

Today was my eldest's 100 days of school celebration, I have no idea why but after this day the school year just flys.... I see the hat and go oooohhhhh Mannnn.  Yep, you can guess what Oatie watched on his bench, Dora the Explorer in French and English...

After the school drop-off I went for my swim.  Saw my friend at swimming (I used to race with for short sprints for fun we were about the same sprinting speed so it was fun) and since the vocal chord lump thing after losing my voice for over a month, I can't sprint at the moment.  I told him how I was just happy to be able to swim at all even if it's slower than a snail (so my throat doesn't' get aggravated)  I'm on the waitlist to see what it is....  My back is pretty much back to normal which is brilliant.

Today I drove to an Indian Fabric shop, they sell lots of skating and dance wear fabrics and I think I found the material for my daughter's next dress.
The new Dress Fabric
The shop next door was an Indian sweet shop, so I couldn't resist and bought ooodles of Jalebi which was my favourite Indian sweet when I was a kid. So tonight at the rink, everyone was trying the Jalebi even the coaches and even-though I cannot speak my "mother tongue" so to speak, (which is sad, I feel a part of my heritage I can never pass on) I can pass on the sweet stuff!  Oatie said Jalebi so perfectly, he enjoyed teaching my other two how to say it correctly he was beaming.  Yes Jalebi is a heart attack in a box... but it's nice for a treat, it's the first time I've come across any since we moved here.

Oatie eating Jalebi

He's been on his feet a lot today and he's going through a change.  No laughing here (OK) it's funny, he's becoming highly disobedient (which most 3 year olds do have that phase - joy) but he's always been older than his years in someways, like he would lie on the bench after I said it will help him... you wouldn't get my other two doing that at his age.  What I mean is, he'd never do the usual 2/3 year old antics as he was so busy with his CP and the frustrations of the CP, like he'll now spontaneously stand up, to me it looks like without thinking where as before you could see him thinking so hard about which muscle to do each bit.  So I'm thinking that maybe his disobedience is a good sign in that he's now not having to think as hard on how to move his arm or his leg or whatever, like it's becoming more natural/instinct and so hello disobedience.  When he's doing it, he shouts out "Look at ME!!!! look at ME!!!" huge grin...

I am not Mrs Walton (from the TV show the Walton's), so yes I do find it frustrating at times chasing this super fast Oatie around I pick him up he goes limp and if you're not careful he'll go into the pencil position and slip right through your hands (not to be caught).  But inwardly I'm laughing at myself, actually enjoying seeing him being a pickle.

This evening my eldest had the best skate since his 2 inch growth spurt, and came off so happy, he got his jump back that he "lost".  Well I'm going for a nice cup of tea and some Bread and Butter (soy margarine) Pudding with my darling hubby.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bonjour! French Play....

Today was a "normal" day whatever that! no drama or Speedo's so it was a good day overall.

It's "half term"/Spring Break this week so our adult skate isn't on till next week. So I went for a Swim to loosen up my poor back, which was nice, my running buddy wasn't up for running either today so she walked and met me at the pool for a coffee which was fabulous. Picked Oatie from School, had lunch, did some ABR , we collected my daughter, and went to my eldests school to see their French Play. My eldest has a DVD in French that they are to watch at home 3 times a week, and then after many months later his class put on the play part of the DVD. The thing is that Oatie and my daughter who both go to French School do the DVD too.

So it was really nice, my eldest spoke loudly and clearly and in sync with his friend in their speaking part. My daughter sang the song sat on my lap with my son's class and Oatie shouted out the "Perdu" bits, which was adorable.

After school we dove to the second hand sport shop to get some........ to get some...... to get some...... "Hockey Skates" for my figure skating kids! Well it was for a multitude of reasons, mainly they don't like going to the family skate as previously we all weren't allowed on the ice at the same time, then because they just have to go round and round and "no tricks" which is fair enough... and they have to wear a helmet (also fair enough) and not skate fast (also fair enough). So I thought to make it more "interesting" they could skate a family skate in hockey skates, they get a challenge, and enjoy having the helmet and some padding lol!.. I can keep up with them and apparently if you're a figure skater, wearing hockey skates really improves your V-push technique? I have no idea by a friend of mine who's a coach recommended that. If my eldest is like he was on figure skates, he'll be up and off straight away... or he'll be on his bottom lots...We haven't told Oatie yet our plan for Sunday as I know he wouldn't sleep, he'd be so excited about Buggy Skating.
I couldn't do that, Crystal would nip me, she's so gentle with Oatie

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thinking Day... Be Prepared... WAGGS or here WOSM

Today is a special date in my Calendar, as it's Thinking Day, it's a day when all the  Girl Guides and Girl and Boy Scouts around the world think of each other and making a positive change to the world.  The reason for it being thinking day is because of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, the founders of Scouts and Girl Guides, shared the same birthday.  (they were a good few years apart in age...).  From memory they met on a cruise.

I was a Brownie (they didn't have Sparks/Rainbows then), a Guide, a young Leader and an Adult Leader and I worked towards my Queen's Guide Award in England.  In Canada I was an Adult leader in Girl Guides and for the past 18 months I have switched to being a Scout Leader.

I have met so many wonderful people in Guides and Scouts from around the world, many of whom are still my friends today, and are the type of friends that will always be your friends, the they when you haven't seen them from one year to the next, you pick up from where you left off from.

Well today, I broke our Motto, "Be Prepared" or maybe I didn't...I'll leave that for you to Judge...  I've always loved being fit and have a way to go till I call myself fit.  I danced from 2-18, and played 2 team sports at school field hockey and basketball, and loved gymnastics, track particularly cross country, rugby, soccer(football), swimming and skiing.

Well, for my "soul" I love to exercise, it's my tonic to life, and makes me laugh.  And I have 20 of the 70 pounds to lose from Oatie.... as he's getting bigger I really need to be fitter to lift and carry him...
Today I ended up choking in the pool, was self inflicted... as I was doing my distance swim and I noticed this guy in the lane next to me, had the tiniest "Speedos" EVER!  they were miniscule and well I was chuckling when I forgot I was underwater...ooops! My friend saw me choking and asked what happened, and I just said, you'll see... and well after a few minutes she was spluttering too!  After my swim I went for a couple mile run on the treadmill and as there isn't any skating tomorrow, my friend and I (I never do this) met up for a social skate at a different rink while my husband babysat my Oatie.

This is the motto breaker....or not... did I break the "Be Prepared"? I was walking on the path briskly thinking about my gorgeous daughter and her lovely warm squishy hug I was looking forward to when...I forgot there was sheet ice under the fresh snow and almost slipped backwards.  I lightly jarred my back and neck (I managed to stay on my feet) Ironically didn't fall once ice skating and whoosh on the path.  Well, I knew that there would likely be sheet ice as the roof drains drain straight on the path, so I wasn't very prepared or was I as.... I still had my PADDED shorts on from Skating with tail bone protection.

However on the downside, I was in bed for a few hours this afternoon sleeping the migraine off, and sadly, couldn't do Oatie's Manual ABR, and missed the torchlight parade and spending time with my lovely kiddies.

But on the up, my Migraine has gone, I made the lunches for tomorrow at Lunch time and popped dinner in before I went skating... I didn't break anything and my kids were really sweet and switched all the bright lights off for me when I got up and I got the best hugs from them and tomorrow's another day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oatie - How he Stands in Open Space - ABR

This is how Oatie stands in open space, as time goes by, he's getting more confident on standing in open space and at times, to me, it seems that he forgets that he he has to "think" how to walk, only very briefly when he's caught up in emotion like wanting to walk to someone or holding something special.  Suddenly he realises that he's walking and then you can see him thinking about it.

From Picture 3-4 he's like Elle Woods from Legally Blond, "Bend and Snap", (he's down and then straight up. )  He's knees bend where as before he'd be "wooden legged"

He has probably added 1-2 metres in distance in the past 4 months.  His sturdiness is so much stronger, like he's getting stockier and certainly less floppy.  I'd say 5 metres is his comfort zone, any further distance in open space is like hmmmmmm he has done 7metres, and that was only because his daddy's gorgeous arms were waiting for him.

The only thing I can attribute this to is ABR (Advanced Bio-Mechanical Rehabilitation), and Oatie's Sheer Willpower, if it's one good thing he's inherited from both his parents and both grandparents is Brute Stubbornness...  Like when you do ABR on him you can just feel the difference...

Well we got 2.5 hours of Manual in today, he still gets his 10-14 hours at night on his Machine.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Caught him!

Caught him...

I've caught him!
You'd never think he'd been a pickle now look!

Hooray! We got in 2:57 of manual ABR. So I was pleased with that. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

I'm being a pickle for mum!

My mum is exhausted from me being a "pickle" she has been trying for an hour to get me on the bench for ABR but I either hide, walk to the otherside of the room or need changing for the fifth time... Here's me "on the run"... Quick hide mums coming... BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Friday, February 18, 2011

Out of Sync... no not an Iphone! ME!

Well, since the Grandparents flew home on Wednesday, my routine has been a bit hap hazzard, like catching up on the regular chores that you shoved aside so you can spend some time and well for me waiting till the weekend so I can take a breath....

Have you ever had one of those days when... you feel like you are out of sync with the cosmic forces around you, like you're out of time (not game over necessarily) but out of time in syncronised terms. A few near misses with death...One of those days when you get in your bed at night and glad that you've "made it". It isn't a "bad mood day" as I don't often have a bad mood day, (as it's generally a waste of energy, emotion and well, I like to be up beat). It's a day when your mood is happy/neutral and you're just "out of sync!" It's a bit "deja vu ish..." too.

Well I had one of those days, and well a decade ago I would have fought it (by trying to ignore all the out of sync things, and try and get back on time), but a bit of experience has taught me not to fight it and well be thankful that I'm in one piece, and just take a deep breath and in your stride is the best way to end up unscathed... (it's the type of day you know that you should have stayed in bed). I found that if you fight it, the consequences are worse... so it's better to accept that today is one of "those" days and to be more vigilant that you are out of sync and then I've found nothing too drastic happens, like you have the near misses but not the "hits".

So it started off as a fairly typical day it was the day after my parents went home. My husband took my elder son and daughter for their ski lesson (the had teacher training days) and I took my Oatie to preschool. Well with no other siblings to fight with, and not trying to get 3 kids in the car only one... and having peace and quiet in the house you'd expect that to go fine... well after two changes, about to put him in the car, when I was like, OK, so I had to unalarm the house, boots off... so anyway we were laughably 30 minutes late for school, the door wouldn't open and then there was a tractor doing a manoeuvre on the highway (you know stuff that doesn't' usually happen), two cars having very aggressive road rage at each other, followed by a 6 police car speed trap.... hauling people off the road and then at school no spaces in the car park even though we were late, the path slicker than a rink... At school Oatie got accidentally hit in the eye with a toy plane within 20 seconds of being there... and then I went for a swim, got kicked, broke nails on the rope, slipped poolside... jammed locker so took 20 minutes to free my clothes... it was -20 with 85% humidity, no hat or mitts as my husband had my car... so I had to almost burn my hair (well I borrowed Oaties bobble hat) the cream one photo previously on the blog. Picked up Oatie, we went fabric shopping in town, got police radar-ed another two times, got cut up 3 times by a truck and a car having road rage, 5miles later one car 5 in front did a huge emergency stop for no reason and almost caused a huge pile up... followed by another radar.... got to the strip mall and the car park was blocked by a truck who couldn't manoeuvre as there were 3 illegally parked cars, bought the wrong colour gold fabric, ended up in the splits in the carpark, drove to the other shop which has the notions, another police radar, someone parked across both handicapped spaces so we had a huge walk, skidded on the ice with Oatie... (I bought him some denim, and track pant material and some pyjama material to make him some more CP friendly clothes he chose it and was a super shopper) got in the car, saw a huge multi car pile up been cleared up, eventually made it home with some nice more road antics... a few cat sick, and kid spillages later, we settled down for our ABR (unfortunately we didn't get in the amount we'd usually get in on a Thursday), my husband kindly too the older two skating, and I made popped a dinner that cooks no hassle in our lovely oven while we did our ABR. I might take a photo of one of my best friends (my oven) for you to see, well after dinner it was scouts and well it was the first time it was 5 of us for almost a week were together, so we were just all catching up when I realise I was late for scouts, I was like oh no! but thought better late than never, so I got in my car got radar-ed again, and well I did apologise for being late and mentioned to a younger scouter about days when you just don't feel in sync with the time around you, and well he said at times he has days like that too once in a while. We had our leaders meeting after and after being radar-ed one last time, I was very relieved when I finally pulled into our garage... PHEW! only to slip on the kitchen floor! YIKES!

Luckily those days don't happen very often to me, when some of the near misses are unfolding and you get the deja vu, but then a pit in the stomach feeling that things could have easily gone the other way(like bad) have you ever had that?

Well no speeding tickets for me! Ta Dah!!!!

The other thing I just don't get... is Road Rage, it was all the Rage in the mid 90's to the mid 00's in the UK. Like seriously, it was so bad, I've seen people smash other peoples windscreens in at the Gas Bar as they didn't pull away, in the person doing the punchings' timely manner, punch ups in the Supermarket. In the new it was worse, baseball batting's, been followed and when people pull up they get beaten till they don't move... shootings over road rage. Well it got so out of control, but it was everywhere people up each others Fenders/Bumpers and everywhere was just so ANGRY on the roads it was insane. You'd see people been forced to stay on the highway as no one would let this person who was indicating come off the highway as the cars/trucks would form a "Wall". Well the increase in fuel seemed to calm it down as to "Rage" would cost more, but the graphic images on TV actually helped to calm it right down. I don't know why, but here, they seem to be in the infancy of their road rage... why don't they understand that their anger behind the wheel is likely to cause someone's death? Why do people get so NASTY when they are behind the wheel? You should never drive "Angry" and if someone wants to turn right, by blocking them off isn't going to make them to want to go left, so why not let them turn right and give them some space so they can be safe? You get to go where you want to go and they them.... both arrive at your destination in tact? The roads are so SLOW here, what difference does going a few KM faster do anyway 15 seconds? 30 seconds earlier at your destination? what's the point? I wish the Government here would educate people, they shouldn't need to to me it's common sense,...but I think that they should. No one here leave any form of breaking distance. They drive on open empty highways like they are in rush hour Central London (England).

Oh and Oatie has been spontaneously walking short distances more... like when he comes out of class he like to walk to one of the dads whom he loves (they are a good family friend of ours) and he walks to give him a hug.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday hooray

Oatie loves ABR

Oatie has had another fantastic day.  Well for starters he managed to persuade his Granddad and Nana to accompany him on the school run.  Oatie and his Granddad have really bonded this visit, and Oatie won't leave the house without him, if he needs carrying, it's Granddad no one else will do.

My bulging biceps are turning to blubber (not that I mind and I am joking... you know when body-builders don't keep up the training it turns to fat).  

As I wasn't doing the "carrying" and just holding my daughters cute little hand in mine, walking along swinging our arms, I had a small taster of how our life used to be, totally carefree (and how other parents have it when all three are able to walk) and I think my biggest worry was what was I going to cook for dinner... and if X had nappy(diaper) rash...  Well  there is never a dull moment now!

This time last year, Oatie couldn't weight bear that well, he couldn't really sit up...he'd cruise the furniture but it was laboured, and I have written about that "soldier" who helped Oatie and I on our first time to Montreal, settle Oatie (he is very attached to his dad) by giving him his very first lollipop, to carrying our bags of the aircraft, our stroller wasn't there so he helped us to the baggage carousel, and got our bags off and found our stroller and walked us to the taxi rank.

Oatie couldn't stand really, he wouldn't hold on, and you couldn't put him down anywhere or even sit him down as he was so unstable he'd just flop over like jello/Jelly.  I keep on putting N. American words and UK equivalents... lol!  He couldn't sit on a chair without flopping around and in the cabs where he had to sit on my lap, he'd scream as it hurt him and he felt unsafe... so I crossed my arms over his chest to make him feel secure.  Getting out the cabs, I'd almost cry as most of the drivers were impatient to go, and not help the with the stroller and just dump and drive off (with snow on the ground) and you need two hands to put the stroller up!  In the end I found one nice taxi driver and he became the only taxi I'd use and gave him our airport run too.

It's coming up to our 1 year anniversary of ABR, well not quite, but he's come so far in one year.  This morning was another, he now has muscle control of his bladder (he won't use it yet...) but he was bone dry and then very soggy, so we were late to school, so it was quite funny for me, with my other two I'd be like ohhhh no we're going to be late!!! but with Oatie I was like WOW!  

Today he hiccuped for the very first time... that either my husband or I could ever recall, in fact I don't think he's ever hiccuped before, my husband took a year off before/after Oatie, and he didn't remember him hiccuping either.  We both had high flying jobs and time was whizzing past and we wanted to spend more time as a family as our older two were at nursery from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and the balance felt all wrong.  (Just so you know that they took BABIES from 6 weeks old!not mine, My older two were 6 and 8 months and I went back very part time to start with but got sucked back in to workd, as you'd get full time hours but part time pay, so you ended up going full time so at least you were paid for it, but that's what it's like in the UK the pressure to return to work is huge, if you don't want your job, 20 other people are standing waiting!).  One of life's annoyances, but maybe he couldn't hiccup before?  My other two did and I recall fondly whilst pregnant, the insomnia  of the hours of hiccups from my son and daughter!  All the little things that we take for granted or hate, that is just amazing or new for Oatie.  Inbetween the hiccups he was "What's that?" meaning what is a hiccup!  (We have been working on the chest cavity.)

Get ready for another roar of laughter, well I vowed that I'd never be a stay a home mum before we had kids (cue laughter), well I am, and the ABR hours I do with Oatie are like having a part time!  From doing the whole part time, full time, stay at home cycle several times around now.  I'd say if you like and are able, part time work is nice, you get a break, they get a break... but I have respect now for stay at home parents too and of the belief that whatever works for your family, is the best thing.  For Oatie, this is the best thing for him at the moment.  I am so pleased that preschool is working out for him as it's just so nice the two hours he can just be him, and play and have fun and make friends.  I also enjoy the two hours to break a sweat.

So today was our last full day with the "Grandparents" visiting.  Tomorrow there are going to be some huge tears from Oatie as Granddad will be going home.  If you hear of avalanches it will be Oatie's "yodel" that will be the cause for sure!

Well my friend the washing machine is calling but before I go...

I had a classic moment this morning, as I traded my usual exercise for spending time with my parents... I thought I'd wash my hair this morning before the school run, I had time to wash, virtually dry and still beat the kids in the car.... or so I though!  We live in the country and have a well.  I had just put a stack of conditioner on my hair (I grow my hair and donate it) so I try and keep the condition good. and the water cut out (the filter was blocked with soil), it was a trickle... so  there was all this foam and no water I was like ARGHGGGHGHGHG, so in the end I got my water bottle (It has to be a bottle or my cat will drink from my glass by my bedside...yuck!! she wears a collar so I can hear the chinking she like a cup of tea too!) and tipped it over my head, dried it best I could in 5 minutes still with conditioner in it and put my wolly hat on and was out the door.  Thankfully there are no photos of me on the blog as the whole screen would be taken up by HUGE hair like in Bridget Jones 2!

I hope everyone has sweet dreams, xxx

Tuesday's are our short sessions but we still got just under 2 hours of Manual and Oatie's zzzzing with his buzz bench on.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air....

Today my three beautiful kiddies were excited about St.Valentines day, luckily for me they are too young to have "romantic" notions... but what is nice is that they are celebrating the love of friendship. Today no one got bullied and everyone had a super day. My Oatie's class made lots of crafts and sang songs... my daughters class had a party picnic and all had to wear Red/White or Pink, and I supplied some Valentines coloured food (Home made Pizza). My eldest had more of a celebration with their class. My elder two had skating today and my eldest wore his Red top.... and they gave home-made cards to their coaches, which they did a watercolour heart on.

The test that my son had just passed, well he was allowed to pair with my daughter, and it was just so gorgeous to see them skate together and nice for the grandparents to see them "ice dancing" together, they can't officially skate together till they are a higher standard but for fun today, the coaches let them. My little boy, holding my little girls hands in dance hold. He was so gentle with her making sure he didn't trip her up, arm around her back supporting her, it was a handkerchief moment.

My mum and dad are staying with us till Wednesday so it's my dad's birthday next month, and we won't be together so I told you guys, but I secretly made a cake, which I froze and iced the flowers. I was iced smooth white, and was going to be a "serious cake" but my gorgeous daughter wanted it rainbow colour for her Granddad and it sounded so much more fun, so we painted the coloured stripes on the heart shaped cake.

We got 3.04 manual ABR yesterday and 3.08 hours manual today.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Icy Saturday

My daughters sparkly bunToday we were at a skating comp where my daughter did her full ice, stayed on her feet, no helmet, in time to her music, and did the best jumps ever. Well it was a shame as she didn't place. My eldest got Silver. Oatie and I drove home after dinner so he could have his bench. Everyone else arrives home tomorrow. Here is Oat bringing me his empty cup BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Friday, February 11, 2011

So much better...phew!

Well what I had been dreading has been so much better than I had expected, well I expected nothing so it can then only be better... Which is better than disappointment. I got a 3 mile run, 30 mins on my rebounder and 3 hours to the minute of ABR and... Drove 2.5 hours to a hotel for our older two's skating competition they compete tomorrow. My daughter with NO helmet don't feel that ok about it but I have to admit she skates better without it. I've been out voted... And for practice she does have her sorborhane lined hat. I'm putting her hair in a bun so should she go down bad she'll have something...She is doing a full ice to music for the very first time she only learnt her routine 2 weeks ago.

My parents are here on a visit so they'll actually see them compete for the first time and not on a video.

After the comp, my two beavers scouts have a sleepover at a major attraction.

So I'm sat in bed munching a choc chip cookie drinking a very dodgy coffee... yuck!!?!? With our curtains/drapes open on the ground floor (people walking past) so we can see and the kids can sleep... Lol!
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Having a bad day...

I had an absolutely fantastic time volunteering at the casino, we had so much Fun,  (they pay money back to our Skating Club).  By the time I got to bed it was 4am...

Well today my youngest two had staff development days.  And well for reasons I can't post publicly, in case they are read by that someone... I had a really bad day and I didn't get to do any ABR with Oatie on top and missed my morning stint of exercise.

Well only a few hours till the day is over... and tomorrow

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

3:25 Manual ABR

Today we did 3:25 hours of manual ABR. I haven't told Oatie that he can family skate, as I thought till we were in the car on our way before telling him. I'm hopeful that we might make this Sunday... we'll see.

Oatie walked around his class room today from the Table to the play kitchen and when his Daddy came to collect him he walked with his lunch kit about 2 Metres into his arms.. and later at home he walked 4metres... he's funny, he'll go through a day of doing that and then, he won't walk for weeks. He stood up in open space each time...

Tonight is my casino shift...

Here is Oatie at school walking to his dad.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Great News! We did it!!!

Ok I sound a little like Dora... if you can't stand watching Dora in English, you should try the French version, Dora's voice is so much more tolerable (the Map and Swiper isn't) but not a bad trade off..... but the whole thing is so much more pleasant in French...

Well, today I went for my morning Swim... and when I got out, I was beckoned to the desk... where they said that they took a vote!!! (the boss lady isn't in for two weeks) and agreed that Oatie Can BUGGY SKATE during the family skates... I did put in my letter either Ice Sled or stroller and well he can go out on Family time on Sunday! Hooray!!!!

Oatie's Feet that want to skate...
Unfortunately we probably can't go out this Sunday most likely as my older two are in a figure skating competition, but we can go next Sunday for sure, if we do I'll take a photo of my Happy Skating Oatie!

After that relief we did some ABR and then it was the School/Dancing Dash...

Tonight my husband is volunteering at the Casino to raise funds for our Skating Club and tomorrow is my stint... we're doing the 10:00pm to 02:30am slot!!! YAWN... so I've put on some strong coffee to keep him awake....
I love the sun

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Snow Day... are you kidding?

Well today was a Snow Day, my eldest's school has an automated dialling phone system that phones you at 5am in the morning, to let you know if it's a snow day. Well today we got that call... In one way I was like, phew no school run and then my brain was popping from all the things that I could do... well.... yep it didn't got that way...but that's ok....

I couldn't believe it was a snow day as it wasn't actually that bad out there at all, it was only -17 which is nothing, just a fleece or two fleece weather and not much snow.... and we've had to almost die to get to school on other days with a good foot of snow+. Well I suppose I'd rather they'd call it a snow day and be safe.

First of all, I couldn't go back to sleep,... then....I fell asleep...slept in... I know ! lol! Well, we got 2:37 of manual ABR today. My daughter skated in her competition dress for a practice today, which she enjoyed.... While our kids do their "off ice" training, the learning to skate programme is on straight afterwards and well we could see the Oatie Aged kids out there skating. My daughter was exactly the same age as Oatie is now pretty much to the day, when she was learning to skate... She saved her skates for Oatie and won't let me sell them either... my older two know how much Oatie would love to skate, and they love skating so much., so the tiny skates will sit there....

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

We had a family day today...

I'm so funny!
Today my elder two had their early morning skate, and Oatie and I made some porridge ready for when they got back. Oatie has started to eat Grapes, Porridge, chilli con carne, and he's really become adventurous with his food. I know he didn't like certain foods because of his Cerebral Palsy, as it would make him gag. So to see him eating these foods and join in is so nice, he can eat a sandwich without me tearing it into bits. I put this improvement down to ABR

The kids played, did crafts, watched films together, and Oatie showed of his new Ipod skills and we had a really nice day. I iced the royal icing flowers for our Valentine's cake, as Oatie's Grandparents are coming for a visit this Thursday till next Wednesday.

We had a special meal to celebrate Oatie's brother passing his skating test and it was a nice peaceful, uneventful day.

Ok, uneventful till now... After seeing all the lovely smiling faces on one of my favourite blogs Everyone Outdoors I have finally written a letter requesting inclusive skating to be permitted at our local rink. toe picks crossed!
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Look at the "apple" Mama...

Swiper has a Car!

Today, Oatie and I had a day at home together.  We played and I did one of my Mass Cook-ups and filled our Freezer (one of my time saving tips) and gave the house a quick spruce up...

Well this is far more revealing than the posts I was cautious about...

We had this comic moment which had Oatie and I crying with laughter.  Oatie has his little tykes cart that he pushes around, goes pretend shopping, with his credit card and phone..., and he uses it for tidying up...

So, I was chopping up a 5kg bag of onions, and when I do, I wear an old pair of swimming goggles, it works fantastically!!! My kids thing this is hysterical.... I just hope no one rings the  doorbell... so I was busy chopping away and Oatie was "shopping" when he said, "Smile Mama, Say Cheese...", he picked up his toy Camera phone, and said, "Look at the Apple Mama"... well that was it, he obviously thought I looked ridiculous and wanted to capture a photo of that, he took about 5 and afterwards he went off with his cart muttering "funny Mama!".  and that was it, we were in hysterics...

I couldn't believe that he could do this:  Just before that, we were listening to our ipod through out sound system and it came to the end of the playlist, and as I was chopping the onions (before he tried to capture a photo), he's never touched the ipod before, so I asked Oatie to to to the ipod and press the triangle which is play.  He hopped over to where the ipod was, and looked and said rose or "gris?" so i walked over to see what he meant, and I forgot my pink shuffle was there... so I said Gris, he said OK Mama and pressed the play button...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Test Day - For Mummy?

Before I start my ramblings... Oatie couldn't do this a year ago before ABR, if he did, he'd flop to the side and definitely fall off... I couldn't have left him sat like that where as now, I wasn't worried about him falling off at all, look how much he's improved.

Today was a classic "ping pong" day for mummy.  Well it was funny all along and on days like this, a sense of humour is invaluable! 

Well I dropped all three kiddies off,  and had one hour before re-picking up my eldest at 10.20, so I was right by our rec centre so I went for a public skate, drove to my eldest's school, picked him up, and took him back to the Rec Centre as his had his very first skating test today, and today he tested for his Dutch Waltz.

We got to the rec centre about 10.45am, and he started to get changed into his skating outfit, when his daddy came to tie his skates and supervise him, while I RAN across the snow covered field to get Oatie from his preschool at 11:00.  The snow is still about 1 foot deep on the field and there is a beaten down path, but one of the other schools were doing a tug of war on the path, so I was like Tigger bouncing from one foot hole to the next in my RUNNERS!!! grabbed the very excited Oat, and trudged back to the rec centre (sweating buckets! LOL!) only to find my eldest was GREEN!!! I was like arghghghghghhghghg, why is he GREEN!?@@!:>?!

So my husband dove him outside to get some fresh air, while Oatie and I snuck in a kitkat!  Do you remember the Advert "Have a break, Have a KitKat!"? Well my eldest CREAMED the test, he was amazing. (He's on the left...)

So afterwards, he looked fairly "stoned" like he was on something, and like he was in shock...  So I had to get him re-dressed in his school clothes and try and get some food into him and back to school.  (He was on adrenaline)

Usually, I'd sign him in and he'd speed off to his classroom but, he wasn't up for that... and I was assessing whether I was going to take my "bunny" home...but he wanted to go back to school... and I thought Gym class after library would help him feel normal...  Well we rolled into school at 1pm and I thought I'd take him to his teacher, and the poor love went to climb the two flights, I casually walked behind him ready to catch him if he flopped but he was ok.  So he went to sit down and still a bit green and off... and explained the situation and she said she'd busy him up and he'd be fine.

He's such a cool customer usually, that I've never seen him like this ever, and it dawned on me how people for example focus so much on "getting your axel" which is like now you're a REAL SKATER... and yes I can't do one on or off land, but at the end of a day it's a jump and many push past to move on to double or in Patrick Chan's case a QUAD! (ok I'm a fan... but also of Vaughn Chipeur).  My eldest did that with this test, his coaches wanted him to have a really good first experience and almost guarantee a pass so he's not discouraged (which was sweet of them really)... so the test day had been put off since Last Summer, and then November and then today... so it had been building and building (what is "test day" I guess inside and WHOOSH! he made it into something it wasn't as he did the test, passed it and had all this adrenaline but nothing to use it for = Green!).

So after dropping my Green son at school, I whizzed home fed my other two boys at home, Oatie and his Daddy (and me!!!!) and then I had to pick up my daughter and well I ended up feeling Green too as I was chatting to my friend when this woman grabbed my arm, spun me around (in runners went around 3 times) and started shouting at my daughter!  I was like Whoa Whoa Whoa... hold on a minute.... and firmly placed myself between my daughter and this woman... (at this point I had adrenaline pulsing through my veins as I was ready to physically defend my daughter) as I wasn't expecting it and didn't even know who this person was...and I was like "WHY are you shouting at me and my daughter" and she said she's been waiting to pounce on me all week!  She started up again and I was like look! Take a deep breath and tell me what your issue is.  So she started at my daughter AGAIN and I was like NO! I said ME!  At that point I asked her if she was from X part of the world and she said yes... and at that point, I felt relieved as well it kind of explained her behaviour a little...  "She wanted to know why MY daughter wouldn't play with her at Lunch"....Her beef was that her daughter was being bullied (not by my daughter but the same bullies that bully mine) and had no one to play with X,Y and Z...and had started at this school from Jan... from how she pounced, you could tell that this mum was really upset... and I was like well my daughter is in the same boat but has had this since September.  So I bent down and asked my daughter who this girl was and they both were kicked in the stomach and snow thrown in their faces the other day... so I thought well this is a great opportunity to "manufacturer a coalition friendship", both love pink, both are being bullied and both have no one to play with... and after that they held hands...  I explained to this mum,  how my daughter was weary of anyone wanting to be her friend there as they say "let's play together and run off saying don't touch her you'll catch it!" .  So then we realised that these two pink girls birthdays are 5 days apart and the same age...and both smart cookies, so by the end of it, both of them were jumping up and down shouting "We have a friend, we have a Best Friend"!  I explained that if they stuck together, then the bullies would be far more reluctant to take on both of them, and if one is being bullied the other can get the teacher... so they liked that idea too.  I think the mum was actually ok as a person, I think seeing her daughter being bullied at school just broke her heart (we all know what that's like...).... and even-though this mum's approach was a bit irrational... her daughter was still in tears... so that melted me...  When we were back in the car, (I asked my daughter what happened, and she said that L, did come and ask her, but the bell went and L ran off inside before she could even reply...)

Usually I'd be rolling JJ before collecting my daughter and after when I got back... but not today...

So after that, I got home and well got my son and daughter ready for their skating... their coach put on some music that they know a group routine too that they all love and made my eldest PROMISE that if something is bothering him, even if he thinks it's silly... to just come and talk to me or his dad and not shoulder the worry or feelings like that on his own... as it can get "out of control" and he ended up feeling Green the whole day.  He did say that he's never going to be worried about Test Day again... he didn't realise it was nothing to worry about!

Well my eldest is keen to start the next dance and persuaded his coaches to start to teach him the steps this evening... he said he's really enjoying the dances which was nice.  I always knew that he loved figure skating, but I didn't know he loved it THAT much, as he took so much pride in the test and obviously it meant so much to him..., he wanted colour co-ordinate with his coach, and he insisted that I bought his coach some flowers for dancing with him (as his coach usually only gets to skate the mans steps...) so it was a mini rose pot plant. (It's an independent judge who's not affiliated with the kids).  My eldest didn't want to leave England unless he could figure skate, he didn't know what it was called when he was 4, he said I want to do THAT and pointed at the TV.

Well all of them are tucked up in bed... and my hubby is on his way home with groceries and our "date night/take out" so I'm about to kick my heels of and put my feet up and looking forward to watching a film.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oatie's first experience of ABR - Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation...

Well, here's a story about Oatie's first day at ABR..... well the tylenol sales went up forsure... for all the headaches he caused by SCREAMING, and I'm not joking.  The ABR Trainer we had, was just magic, so patient, so kind and so nice.  He didn't want to go on the bench partly as he was so skeletally unstable, and in the group setting he got easily distracted, like you can see the pictures of his stance last March.  He didn't want to be there and he just had tantrum after tantrum.  In the end I found a "naughty spot" that he hated.  And by the end of the week he was doing ok at co-operating but was rather fragile, so the slightest thing would get his back up.  He was so bad that the lovely people at ABR were willing to refund me as it looked like at the time that he would NEVER co-operate.  I remember when I said, that "this is the only logical therapy I've seen for Cerebral Palsy, and quite possibly the only thing that will at least not let his body become contorted and twisted and therefore in constant pain, and to me the only thing that looked like it would actually help him.  I know him, he'll co-operate).".

When we got home my husband built his bench, and painted it Lightning McQueen Red and my other kids put "cars" skickarounds on it, so it looked nice.  We went over to the bench, and Oatie has been crying because he rolled backwards from sitting on the carpet (he lost his balance) he was like a sack of potatoes.  I said to him, do you like falling backwards? he was sobbing still...  he shook his head no.  I said if you want any chance of, not falling backwards from just sitting, this bench is the thing to help you.  He saw our digital frame and a photo of my eldest doing a sprial (arabesque) with his Class teddy bear came up and he said, "I Skate?"  I said I don't know honey, I can't promise that you can like your brother or sister can, but if you want to, then this bench will be your best bet at helping the Cerebral Palsy.  So he then said "Ok Mama, Bench Yes" and that was pretty much it.  He from that moment decided that if bench could help him... he'd do bench.  Then he started to feel the benefit of ABR and now he's the otherway round, he'll demand his ABR.

He was the same for the machine, the first time we went to put the machine on him, (we'd prepared him by talking to him about it the day before) but when the time came, he threw a huge tantrum.  He went back out to his original "Naughty spot" from 7 months ago, and we re-explained that this is like "Super Mama" so you can have bench in bed... so I asked him if he'd like to put the machine on "Wow" so he came back into the training room and asked if his daddy would have the machine on, and me, so I said, how about turns, WOW, Daddy, Oatie and then mummy.  When he realised that the machine would help, he was really sweet and co-operated.  It was quite funny as he had the machine on for an hour while we were being trained on it.. and when we "unwrapped him", this was an hour later at least, he said "mama's turn" so I had to get wrapped up.  He now loves his "Buzz Bench" and cries if for some reason he doesn't get it.

So I don't know if you've noticed but when I saw today's photo to the earlier photos on the slideshow, you can really see the difference in his posture, and the meatiness of his chest, like he's filled out...

Here are some snippets from our last ABR session in October 2010

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Added a Slideshow!

Today, was a mixture of a day, how I expected the day to be wasn't how it ended up at all.  Well, I've added a "slideshow" of the photos of the Blog under Oatie's main photo in the right hand column.

Well, we had all three kids at school today for the first time in ages.  Oatie was delighted to be back at school, and they had a new wooden kitchen playset in Oatie's room and he thought it was fantastic!  I forgot to say goodbye to him, and I had left the building, so I went in, took my shoes off again and said bye, and he didn't really even glance, he was more like "you back already!" in a sweet smile.. so off I went.

Wednesdays are usually my favourite day of the week at the moment.  Although my all time favourite day is Thursday's, I LOVE Thursdays, it's like the Weekend already....  Wednesdays I have my adult learn to skate class, which there is a track, so the lovely friend who I blogged about yesterday who we were destined to meet, well we run together every Wednesday for 45 minutes and then I have my skating class which we spend most of the time laughing at ourselves which is fantastic.  Oatie's dad has joined us and it's a ball!  I picked up Oatie and he ate his lunch with his dad while I (OK it's becoming an addiction) I jumped on my rebounder for 30minutes.... well it's a nice way to chill really,and so relaxing... and I just love it.  I dove in the Shower and got down to our ABR.  It's so nice to be feeling better!

That was when we got the call from my eldest's school.  That for a few weeks now, he's been playing up a bit at school and now in trouble with his teacher.  So Wednesday is our Activity free evening, which we usually bake, play together etc, so a good portion of that was getting to the bottom of his behaviour, most of it the things that we all went through as children..., not wanting to grow up, thinking about something, not discussing it and then it self doing something wrong that he knew was wrong but doing it anyway.... and then we got on to Oatie, where he was really upset and comparing all the things that he can do, and that Oatie can't and finds that really upsetting.  Like being able to dance, skate or go to Beavers and will Oatie be "allowed" to attend his school oneday as my eldest knows Oatie is bright enough.  I remember the pure delight on my eldests face when we told him Oatie was likely to be a boy... Having just over 4 years between them, you could see all these thoughts of what they would get up to go through his head.  My eldest was feeling guilty to an extent that he can do all this stuff and Oatie can't.  After we went through systematically about the guilt process and why he shouldn't feel guilty etc etc.. I then told him how Oatie LOVES watching his brother and sister skate, he cheers the loudest and claps and shouts "good job" when they're competing.  I said that Oatie might skate on his feet but he can most certainly skate on a sledge... my friend who I was running with has also joined "the army" who would like to teach Oatie to skate one day.

I said having someone who's "disabled" in your life, humbles us all, but at the same time you can really appreciate what you do have, and make the most of the things that you can do physically, rather than taking it for granted.  I know that there are lots of disasters in the world, but Haiti has really struck a chord with my eldest so I suggested that if he wanted to combine appreciating the use of his legs and doing something nice for others, he could do a sponsored run in the spring, which he wants to put the money towards Haiti, I think the Wavin' flag young artists for Haiti's lyrics touched him, the bit about people generally forgetting and carrying on with their lives when people are still suffering.

I had considered Sibshops for my older two, but even after today, I'm not sure if that will be right for them or at this time.  It will be something I/we mull over and if keep at the back of my mind, at least I know it's there.

Meanwhile, my daughter and her friend got kicked in the stomach with snow thrown in their faces today at school, not Oatie related bullying this time, just because these boys think it's funny to do that to girls.

Oatie watched Dora the Explorer in French today, which he loved very much.  Here is Oatie taking a leap in self belief.  He stood up, wanting the Dyson toy Vac so badly, he  had to let go of the playhouse and take a step or two towards it, he hesitated, shall I do it, or not, and you could see him contemplating the pleasure of getting the Vac over just "looking" as I showed him how it wouldn't take his wait, it would tip back before he attempted it....

I think I'll be glad to climb in to bed today.... I know Oatie was!  Buzz Bench Daddy and yes his favourite PJ top is his Buzz Lightyear.

I will post about Oatie's First ABR experiences tomorrow, you might need some ear defenders...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A friends son with Brain injury is dying....

While I was on the Re-bounder, in our Basement, Oatie sat himself on the kiddy keyboard stool all by himself and I quickly snapped a photo of him.  Later he "demanded" his ABR... I think he thought I took too long in the Shower...

A friend of mine posted an excellent post on his blog. Questionning the big man himself...  you can click the link to read it.

Well, my personal beliefs have altered significantly since I found out Oatie's diagnosis.  But one thing that I do believe in is some of the people you are "destined" to meet.  I always think of that film "sliding doors" with Gwyneth Paltrow, I wouldn't say it was a favourite of mine buy one that comes to mind now.  If you're wondering... my FAVOURITE 'film' is "Pride and Prejudice" - Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle BBC 1995 TV Adaptation. 

When I worked at Heathrow, I checked in my Future Father in-law before I officially met my husband.  He (my Father in-law) was such a lovely man, he had impeccable manners and such an English Gentleman.  It was his birthday and he way flying to the far east on Business and I was teasing him about his birthday and made sure the Cabin Crew spoilt him rotten.  After he left my desk, I said to my friends either side, "don't you just wish he had a son...?"  Before that I saw this guy (my husband now) at the gym, we shared the same machine and well I liked his six-pack, we had done this without much dialogue for 6 months... and one-day I was running on the treadmill at the gym, and the speakers blew up, anyway he was Yawning I know now... but because of the cracking speaker sound, I thought he said Hi... so I stopped the treadmill and I asked him... out but for two weeks time as I was going to the Gambia with some friends that I worked with.  Well when I gave him my address and number I saw his surname... and I was like is your dad a "BA gold card holder?"... he was like "errrrrr..." , and I said is your dad's birthday and recalled the date... and he was like Yes (this was 4 months later) and I told him how I had checked his dad in... and well the rest is history.  It's our 11 wedding anniversary this year.  Yes... Yes... we were a 2000 wedding.

One of my very dear friends I only met last December, first in our Adult skate class, she was a top level skater and after not skating for 10 years went for her Axel!  We then met one week later on Christmas eve family skate, and she caught me from falling...we hadn't really said any more than Hello to each my eldest was chatting to her daughter who had just joined our skating club and then, one morning in Jan I went to drop my daughter and her son had just joined my daughter's preschool class and then about one hour later, we bumped into each other at the running track... and the that was it, we were instant friends... she told me a few months back, that because of my accent that she couldn't understand a word that I was saying for the first 6 weeks of our friendship, but she said she knew two things that, she liked me and knew we'd be friends...

I have met Phil, Sharon and Adam, who are such an amazing, wonderful, loving family and hope to meet Aimee one day too.

Well another mum from that preschool class, my daughter and her son hit it off straight off... and Independently, my son and her daughter were both in the same Ballet class, but the four of them had NEVER met, so it took this mum and I a few months to work out that our kids had independently become friends with each others siblings!  Well it's this mum who has this horrible chapter coming up in her life...She's a mum of 5, and her 3rd child a son, who was born fine, but due to medical negligence at the hospital, long story, but he ended up with a brain injury to his pituitary gland mainly, and now the part of the brain that controls his Cardiovascular system is seizing which will result in this lovely child's heart stopping and starting and one day he'll just die in his sleep and from what his mum was saying they think it will be soon, so he won't make it being 10, she told everyone yesterday by email late last night.  They are such a lovely family, I feel so useless, I can't take away their pain, or make them feel better, so apart from my endless supply of I have offered my shoulders....and that I'm there... 

Well Today I saw this mum, (the son who's dying)  in the car-park and the poor love, got out the car ran across sheet ice and fell into my arms..... For someone who likes to chat a lot (Me) I'm verbally rubbish in such situations, but at least my hugs seem to be good.

Phil, I feel a line forming should you meet "the man" I think there's another mother who'd like to have a word....
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