Sunday, February 6, 2011

We had a family day today...

I'm so funny!
Today my elder two had their early morning skate, and Oatie and I made some porridge ready for when they got back. Oatie has started to eat Grapes, Porridge, chilli con carne, and he's really become adventurous with his food. I know he didn't like certain foods because of his Cerebral Palsy, as it would make him gag. So to see him eating these foods and join in is so nice, he can eat a sandwich without me tearing it into bits. I put this improvement down to ABR

The kids played, did crafts, watched films together, and Oatie showed of his new Ipod skills and we had a really nice day. I iced the royal icing flowers for our Valentine's cake, as Oatie's Grandparents are coming for a visit this Thursday till next Wednesday.

We had a special meal to celebrate Oatie's brother passing his skating test and it was a nice peaceful, uneventful day.

Ok, uneventful till now... After seeing all the lovely smiling faces on one of my favourite blogs Everyone Outdoors I have finally written a letter requesting inclusive skating to be permitted at our local rink. toe picks crossed!
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