Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Added a Slideshow!

Today, was a mixture of a day, how I expected the day to be wasn't how it ended up at all.  Well, I've added a "slideshow" of the photos of the Blog under Oatie's main photo in the right hand column.

Well, we had all three kids at school today for the first time in ages.  Oatie was delighted to be back at school, and they had a new wooden kitchen playset in Oatie's room and he thought it was fantastic!  I forgot to say goodbye to him, and I had left the building, so I went in, took my shoes off again and said bye, and he didn't really even glance, he was more like "you back already!" in a sweet smile.. so off I went.

Wednesdays are usually my favourite day of the week at the moment.  Although my all time favourite day is Thursday's, I LOVE Thursdays, it's like the Weekend already....  Wednesdays I have my adult learn to skate class, which there is a track, so the lovely friend who I blogged about yesterday who we were destined to meet, well we run together every Wednesday for 45 minutes and then I have my skating class which we spend most of the time laughing at ourselves which is fantastic.  Oatie's dad has joined us and it's a ball!  I picked up Oatie and he ate his lunch with his dad while I (OK it's becoming an addiction) I jumped on my rebounder for 30minutes.... well it's a nice way to chill really,and so relaxing... and I just love it.  I dove in the Shower and got down to our ABR.  It's so nice to be feeling better!

That was when we got the call from my eldest's school.  That for a few weeks now, he's been playing up a bit at school and now in trouble with his teacher.  So Wednesday is our Activity free evening, which we usually bake, play together etc, so a good portion of that was getting to the bottom of his behaviour, most of it the things that we all went through as children..., not wanting to grow up, thinking about something, not discussing it and then it self doing something wrong that he knew was wrong but doing it anyway.... and then we got on to Oatie, where he was really upset and comparing all the things that he can do, and that Oatie can't and finds that really upsetting.  Like being able to dance, skate or go to Beavers and will Oatie be "allowed" to attend his school oneday as my eldest knows Oatie is bright enough.  I remember the pure delight on my eldests face when we told him Oatie was likely to be a boy... Having just over 4 years between them, you could see all these thoughts of what they would get up to go through his head.  My eldest was feeling guilty to an extent that he can do all this stuff and Oatie can't.  After we went through systematically about the guilt process and why he shouldn't feel guilty etc etc.. I then told him how Oatie LOVES watching his brother and sister skate, he cheers the loudest and claps and shouts "good job" when they're competing.  I said that Oatie might skate on his feet but he can most certainly skate on a sledge... my friend who I was running with has also joined "the army" who would like to teach Oatie to skate one day.

I said having someone who's "disabled" in your life, humbles us all, but at the same time you can really appreciate what you do have, and make the most of the things that you can do physically, rather than taking it for granted.  I know that there are lots of disasters in the world, but Haiti has really struck a chord with my eldest so I suggested that if he wanted to combine appreciating the use of his legs and doing something nice for others, he could do a sponsored run in the spring, which he wants to put the money towards Haiti, I think the Wavin' flag young artists for Haiti's lyrics touched him, the bit about people generally forgetting and carrying on with their lives when people are still suffering.

I had considered Sibshops for my older two, but even after today, I'm not sure if that will be right for them or at this time.  It will be something I/we mull over and if keep at the back of my mind, at least I know it's there.

Meanwhile, my daughter and her friend got kicked in the stomach with snow thrown in their faces today at school, not Oatie related bullying this time, just because these boys think it's funny to do that to girls.

Oatie watched Dora the Explorer in French today, which he loved very much.  Here is Oatie taking a leap in self belief.  He stood up, wanting the Dyson toy Vac so badly, he  had to let go of the playhouse and take a step or two towards it, he hesitated, shall I do it, or not, and you could see him contemplating the pleasure of getting the Vac over just "looking" as I showed him how it wouldn't take his wait, it would tip back before he attempted it....

I think I'll be glad to climb in to bed today.... I know Oatie was!  Buzz Bench Daddy and yes his favourite PJ top is his Buzz Lightyear.

I will post about Oatie's First ABR experiences tomorrow, you might need some ear defenders...

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