Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thinking Day... Be Prepared... WAGGS or here WOSM

Today is a special date in my Calendar, as it's Thinking Day, it's a day when all the  Girl Guides and Girl and Boy Scouts around the world think of each other and making a positive change to the world.  The reason for it being thinking day is because of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, the founders of Scouts and Girl Guides, shared the same birthday.  (they were a good few years apart in age...).  From memory they met on a cruise.

I was a Brownie (they didn't have Sparks/Rainbows then), a Guide, a young Leader and an Adult Leader and I worked towards my Queen's Guide Award in England.  In Canada I was an Adult leader in Girl Guides and for the past 18 months I have switched to being a Scout Leader.

I have met so many wonderful people in Guides and Scouts from around the world, many of whom are still my friends today, and are the type of friends that will always be your friends, the they when you haven't seen them from one year to the next, you pick up from where you left off from.

Well today, I broke our Motto, "Be Prepared" or maybe I didn't...I'll leave that for you to Judge...  I've always loved being fit and have a way to go till I call myself fit.  I danced from 2-18, and played 2 team sports at school field hockey and basketball, and loved gymnastics, track particularly cross country, rugby, soccer(football), swimming and skiing.

Well, for my "soul" I love to exercise, it's my tonic to life, and makes me laugh.  And I have 20 of the 70 pounds to lose from Oatie.... as he's getting bigger I really need to be fitter to lift and carry him...
Today I ended up choking in the pool, was self inflicted... as I was doing my distance swim and I noticed this guy in the lane next to me, had the tiniest "Speedos" EVER!  they were miniscule and well I was chuckling when I forgot I was underwater...ooops! My friend saw me choking and asked what happened, and I just said, you'll see... and well after a few minutes she was spluttering too!  After my swim I went for a couple mile run on the treadmill and as there isn't any skating tomorrow, my friend and I (I never do this) met up for a social skate at a different rink while my husband babysat my Oatie.

This is the motto breaker....or not... did I break the "Be Prepared"? I was walking on the path briskly thinking about my gorgeous daughter and her lovely warm squishy hug I was looking forward to when...I forgot there was sheet ice under the fresh snow and almost slipped backwards.  I lightly jarred my back and neck (I managed to stay on my feet) Ironically didn't fall once ice skating and whoosh on the path.  Well, I knew that there would likely be sheet ice as the roof drains drain straight on the path, so I wasn't very prepared or was I as.... I still had my PADDED shorts on from Skating with tail bone protection.

However on the downside, I was in bed for a few hours this afternoon sleeping the migraine off, and sadly, couldn't do Oatie's Manual ABR, and missed the torchlight parade and spending time with my lovely kiddies.

But on the up, my Migraine has gone, I made the lunches for tomorrow at Lunch time and popped dinner in before I went skating... I didn't break anything and my kids were really sweet and switched all the bright lights off for me when I got up and I got the best hugs from them and tomorrow's another day.


  1. So the connoisseur and deliverer of legendary bone crushing hugs experienced an entire life cycle in less than a day, including swimming, skating, and a speedo sighting of a lifetime. Being who you are, the good stuff, including the choking (under the circumstances, it was funny)domninate this post. But what brought on the migraine? Perhaps you exceeded your fun quota for the day, and it was time for a little consmic balance. CRASH! BANG! BOOM!

  2. Dear Rruel, I wish it was the fun factor it was the back and neck jarring...( I cracked a bone in my neck 10 years ago)caused the migraine. The sweet bit was one of my Scouting friends offered to drive out to us in the sticks 40 min roundtrip to bring me some migraine tablets which was very sweet of her. No speedo incidents today lol!


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