Monday, February 21, 2011

Oatie - How he Stands in Open Space - ABR

This is how Oatie stands in open space, as time goes by, he's getting more confident on standing in open space and at times, to me, it seems that he forgets that he he has to "think" how to walk, only very briefly when he's caught up in emotion like wanting to walk to someone or holding something special.  Suddenly he realises that he's walking and then you can see him thinking about it.

From Picture 3-4 he's like Elle Woods from Legally Blond, "Bend and Snap", (he's down and then straight up. )  He's knees bend where as before he'd be "wooden legged"

He has probably added 1-2 metres in distance in the past 4 months.  His sturdiness is so much stronger, like he's getting stockier and certainly less floppy.  I'd say 5 metres is his comfort zone, any further distance in open space is like hmmmmmm he has done 7metres, and that was only because his daddy's gorgeous arms were waiting for him.

The only thing I can attribute this to is ABR (Advanced Bio-Mechanical Rehabilitation), and Oatie's Sheer Willpower, if it's one good thing he's inherited from both his parents and both grandparents is Brute Stubbornness...  Like when you do ABR on him you can just feel the difference...

Well we got 2.5 hours of Manual in today, he still gets his 10-14 hours at night on his Machine.


  1. These pictures are great! Hmmm - sheer willpower and brute stubbornness - wonderful attributes and, of course, the intensive, skillful ABR!! Your family inspires me.

  2. So very much progress, I cannot believe that Oatie has come so far in so little time...he will have a great evaluation in Montreal this spring

  3. Thanks Phil and Sharon, some days when I'm rolling him, you wonder if there is any difference (I don't notice it as I'm with him all the time) and then it's the little things that you notice or someone else does and you're like oh yeah.... We're going back in May and I'll post more comparisson photos when we get them. Love Mel


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