Monday, April 28, 2014

Back home

We made it back home :) my shoulder managed to survive... (I should get Oatie to do some ABR on my shoulder!) lol!

Sorry guys, for not updating about the ice gala... the official video, wasn't very good, like it was dark, and at a weird angle and well, I'm waiting for my friend to come back from her holiday and she will send me her video of the ice gala! The Ice gala was amazing... and Oatie did himself proud, he even skated out to the finale himself!

Has anyone else found this, if you are a woman with a child in a wheelchair, do we have an invisible sign around our neck saying "Please rip me off???".

I stayed in the hotel that we usually stay in, only because it made my husband feel better that we were in familiar surroundings and one of our friend we were going to meet up with, knew where that hotel was and not far from their workplace.

Also, we had a not very nice time there and so the manager kindly offered to give us vouchers to compensate for the meals that we had last time that were not very good.

SO, until the day we check-ed out we had a nice stay... then as I went to check out, one of the women behind the desk wanted to CHARGE me for the "complimentary breakfast" vouchers that I received in goodwill! Not just one breakfast, she wanted to charge them ALL! I was like WTH???

Then after our session, I have no idea why but it took FOREVER to get back to the airport... the signs had changed and the gps played up and well anyway we did manage to fill up and return the car.... Which led to the next issue...

Woman travelling with child in wheelchair! When we arrived, we upgraded for a fullsize car... paid extra... so I wouldn't have hassle with his wheelchair! I get there and they try to give me the highest vehicle possible whereby I'd almost have to lift the wheelchair above shoulder height to get it in the CAR! I was like OMG! so I complained and I had to pay more but I got a mini van... so on the return, when there was more then the one person at the car rental desk, I complained and said that this was unfair! anyway, Oatie looked really cute and so they put the cost back to what it was... I then have to push Oatie a good distance with our luggage to the airport... "the car rental desk is a short walk from the airport so no shuttle is required" WELL! if you have someone in a wheelchair, you NEED a shuttle! Poor Oatie had to push himself all the way into the airport... because I got a duff luggage cart....

To get inside and the checkin desks for the airline we used had MOVED! to the other end as far as we could see!!! Then we got attacked by this birdy-hockey mascot who wouldn't get out of the way and Phil D's words came to me, RAM them!! RAM them!! well it was almost a Flat squashed chickenthing... as it stumbled and almost fell in the path of Oatie who was weaving around the birdthing... to finally get to the airline that we do like very much, who from that moment were fabulous!

Then the gate moved to the far end so he propelled himself to there.. and our flight went without a hitch apart from sitting next to one of the smelliest men EVER!!! fortunately after 20 minutes I couldn't smell him anymore!

Oatie presented his baby sister with a hello kitty cuddly toy and gave his big brother and sister the special Quebec Author books he found in the kids bookstore in Montreal!

Saturday I wasn't very well and today we are getting back to normal :))

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ice Show is tomorrow

Tomorrow is the ice show, and Oatie is very excited. He has a black base layer and he's wearing his elder brother's competition figureskating pants!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ice Skating Show, here we come!!!

This weekend, Oatie is going to be in his very first Ice Skating show! He is so excited.

He is going out with his skating group! He is the only CP skater that our club has!

I'm his skating aid and I was a bit daunted a few weeks back about the prospect of face planting infront of my entire TOWN! but... if I face plant, I face plant, If JJ is brave enough to go out then I am!

We had a dress rehearsal yesterday and that was fun...:)

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