Tuesday, May 28, 2013

stupid really...

I don't know why i expected any different... we went for Oatie's annual visit to the childrens' hospital and well even though we are lucky as he's an openminded consultant and keeps the door open for adaptive equipment and a point of call....

He went on about how Oatie will end up wheelchair bound without surgery and all this other usual medical stuff.... he said that he'd end up there he's seen it time and time again... (afterwards now I've calmed a little... It thought his only empirical data is surgery cases) so that consoled me a little that with surgery they've ended up in a wheelchair...

What' has caused Oatie to regress a bit and get "worse" is the flipping walker, but if you look back at my blog to the dilemma of the walker, Oatie was becoming exceptionally agoraphobic being in his chair.

The consultant said that Oatie will reach a stage where the wheelchair will take over over him choosing to walk and negative spiral that way.

We've minimised the walkers us to school only and at social gatherings... when he walks on his own he's alright...

AND... I haven't rolled him in one year now with his ABR... he gets is bench each night except when he's ill.... and I need to roll him.

I'm hoping that by rolling him he will get back to where he was and carry on his improvement.

I don't know why i came out flat from that, what was I thinking!!!! what was I expecting...!!! Silly ME! How could it have been different or better... (we are lucky he isn't an arrogant A@@e!

I suppose it was the guilt trip of not doing the surgery or the other stuff....

What I do know... maybe it was the kick up the butt that I needed to get rolling with Oatie again! maybe it's just what I need!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oatie had a brilliant weekend

We all went to the kids BFF's house on Saturday and Oatie rode a horse for the very first time. It was a brilliant day!

My eldest turned 10! My baby tried her first roast and loved it...

Oatie climbed up a ladder and managed to go down their slide himself....

All in all it was a brilliant weekend!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Have you ever encountered a friend who then reveals their true colours as a bully? as an ADULT lol

No the title is exact... yes, I have a "friend" that status is now in quotes, as in my mind it's in dispute!

URGH! people can really SUCK!

Oatie is great, in a few weeks he's going for his annual assessment at the hospital.

We are sad to miss the upcoming ABR traning... but C'est la vie!  next time :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One month on Paleo... and I've dropped 18lbs yay

One month on the paleo lifestyle and I've dropped 18lbs!  Still have 40lbs to go but this is without even trying!!!

It's awesome and I have got my short term memory back, and I can follow a recipe again and I have the energy to read the kids a bedtime story again and I LOVE it... I don't actually like eating meat at all... but if it means that I can roll Oatie and do all the things that I need to get done in a day... I will eat meat.... as long as it's "responsible" farming practices if you know what I mean.

My skin is great and my hair is too and I just feel GREAT!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Finally feeling able to get organised...

I'm an organised kind of person, and I don't like disorganisation, as it's a waste of time totally!  When I execute a plan, it's done to military precision! and no I'm not kidding!  I was a PA lol!

Today I finally got the babies passport done... had a moment of disorganisation when my friend the guarantor forgot to bring her passport the other day and then we both forgot that she didn't phone her number through.. so at the office they were like the form is great but!!!  I was like arghghghg my friend is not home during the day much... nor is she one to carry a cell phone either!  Howerever as Luck will have it... she was home and had her passport to hand!!!!! YAY!

So the babies passport is sent off :) and now I just need to send the Babies and Oaties off to Washington State for our other passports.... We have one dual citizen in the house and that is the baby!

When we got back I cleaned the inside of my car, which looks great and, the kids piano recital has been moved to the week after, after a double booking so we have a free weekend!!!!  There is a disability expo tomorrow so might go to that other then that!  I don't know what we are doing which is also FUN!

But gradually getting things back into a grove and looking forward to getting my rolling time back with Oatie very much so!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oatie survived his first ever full day at school!

Oatie did his very first full day at school yesterday... He went on the bus and came home on the bus!

He's doing two full days a week as he was missing out on music and computers and some other crafts too.

He had the best day and couldn't wait to get back to school...

It was so nice to see him happy!

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