Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wilma Here we come - paleo lifestyle

Well I've been struggling to get my ABR hours back in,... yes we have a 5 month old baby... but she's been going through the night since she was 2 weeks old...

And... Yes we have Oatie who has CP...

And... Yes we have 2 older kids...

And.... Yes we are trying to manage just my husband and myself... (there isn't any help for families like ours... financial or actual help.

And... the quest for the family balance still continues.. well I say it evolves so needs constant reassessment to maximise the balance... let the older two be healthy active people hopefully useful people one day... and Oatie reach his full potential as well not to mention our new little bundle of joy too.... and the 5 cats!!!

I have acquired the iRobot who vacuum's for me... but I need more...

Why I who was triathlete fit put on 70lb each pregnancy and even with our recent addition I put on that much weight and I swam over 176km with taking 14 weeks off during the pregnancy... still gained weight.

And then since the birth of Oatie, I've felt "toxic" and so fatigued... so... well I came across the whole detox the liver (no I'm not a drinker... ) which on about alkalinity of the body... so I started to drink some (ACV) Apple cider vinegar...

Just with that I felt so much better. And so I decided to go one step further of going on the Paleo Lifestyle... where you eat fruits vegetables and meat but not (grains or legumes or Dairy and processed foods). I've had enough of wearing my husband who is 6ft2's clothes!! like really had enough as I refuse to buy a larger wardrobe!

It's been 6 days and I've already lost 6lbs... I'm full and not hungry and eating as much as I like. I already feel more energised, I can THINK for the first time in AGES which to some might seem deadly who know me... but It's so peaceful to be able to think and to be able to remember something from the short term memory.... and it's still early days, but each day my memory improves that little bit more and I can now do mental arithmetic in my head again!!! I can follow a recipe again and well that is just huge.

My purpose was actually not feel carb loaded, bloated and lethargic so I might get even more out of my day and get my ABR hours back. I thought if my husband who is eating semi paleo (to keep me company:) if we survive, and feel good after say 6 weeks we might incorporate the kids into it. It's not a diet as in the conventional term of weight loss... more so eating as our ancestors ate. I'm not a huge fan of meat ROL (Roar of laughter!).... so it will be an interesting experience. Once I have got to a healthy BMI for myself I think I might go Semi Paleo.

I've felt stronger too, I swim once a week and in the same time I have got another 14 lengths in so now I'm up to a mile!

I might have been wrongfully diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease as it could have been my liver all along.... and it would explain why I put on the 70lb each time and how I had to do extreme amounts of exercise to get the weight off.

I have made the kids a few paleo puddings and one was with Coconut flour and apricots, like an apricot tart and they LOVED it. Tonight is peppermint fudge...

I was lucky that the school was 100% up to speed that coconut isn't a nut is a Fruit so it's a winner!

Kind of wished I started the 6 week leptin reset after Easter... however, I felt sick each morning I woke up for years now and now I wake up and my ankles aren't stiff don't hurt and my muscles don't hurt when I lie down at night...

I have to say and I wonder... I wonder if blood toxicity/leptin resistance didn't cause Oatie's CP... Well I will never know for sure. But I will keep you posted how the paleo thing is going over the next few weeks!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

1st Day of Spring was a blizzard lol...

The first day of Spring here was a blizzard. Laughable really! Still having issues with the other schools parents parking in the bus loop with buses in it with people and kids who can walk impeded!!! Meanwhile because they are so lazy! I could use a much stronger word of how I feel about them, I'm not able to park now where it's best for me to lift that huge hunk of metal in and out of our car without hurting each time. So yes... I am rather annoyed to put it mildly... not impressed at all.

Oatie managed to get his snowpants on himself the other day actually on the first day of Spring ironically enough.

I haven't ever worn real fur ever but I saw a propaganda video snuck out of China posted on FB of a fur factory which has made me feel sick for days, it was how they skinned the animals alive (Including peoples pets with collars on them still) and left them to die after being electrocuted... skinned and thrown in a heap to die. It was horrific and I look at our 5 furry cats and just hug them that bit more each day if that's possible.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Still hard to get our hours back

I haven't done at all well getting our hours back. The baby has been awesome she's slept through the night since she was 2 weeks old which is brilliant, I wouldn't trade that. However she had and has less naps during the day and fed more during the day which then ate into my ABR hour times.

So our rolling is still on the backburner for the moment.... I do feel bad but there is not much else I can do. Oatie needs to go to school too and our little addition won't be little forever.

Oatie is thriving in other ways, like he actually played with a toy... with a self made up story and side characters etc... He invented a game in the bath with his bath toys.....
He's made another leap at school with potty training... he's been helping me with the baby too.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back on the ice

After being ill from a heavy cold, Oatie was back on his skates once again. His last session it this coming Sunday and he's very sad.

So will be taking him on the public skates which I am sure he will enjoy.

Oatie has changed in the last few weeks, he's really matured, walking more on his feet and actually holding conversations a lot more and happy to play by himself and his kitten more.

He is speaking more French too.

He's grown so much in height as well. I can't believe he will be 6 this year.

I haven't been getting my ABR hours in yet, I have yet to get in the groove of getting the hours in lol! it's hard to get them back in after having almost a year off.

Other than that everyone is good.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fighting the Mayor... fighting politics...

Our Mayor! I dont' know what he does as he apparently doesn't have any ruling over anything in the town it seems.

I spend 30 minutes in snow fall to pick up Oatie and walk the 100m to the car. My friend who is a grandma of 2 girls at the school on in my elder sons class and one in Oaties... CRACKED HER SKULL and had severe concussion from slipping outside the school...

Where as our provincial premier... just gave 75 thousand dollars to another school for YET ANOTHER PLAYGROUND! I'm like WHAT!!!

Our kids don't even have their own gymnasium.. they have to walk to the local rec centre to go to the gym and then since writing the above my daughter fell on her back in a huge muddy slushy puddle on the path that the school has deemed "SAFE" path!

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