Saturday, August 24, 2013

Banishing Herbs have arrived!

Kind of excited really, firstly I found a wheel extension for Oatie's current wheelchair which costs $600, but it converts your standard wheelchair to being like a Jogging stroller. So I'm looking into that. As the all terrain wheelchairs are really expensive! I would like to get out and about a lot more than we do. AND apparently this Wheel extension make getting over snow and ice a piece of cake!!! I NEED a piece of cake for Winter.

My eldest came back from the YMCA camp that he went on, he loved it so much he would like to go back next Summer!

I have started to take Oatie out more in his wheelchair these days as the baby will need to move into the stroller that we've been putting him into soon. And also when I need him to, Oatie can self propel. Maybe I've finally gotten used to Oatie being Handicapped lol! I don't know.

About to go swimming with the kids... catch you later

Oh and the Smudging herbs arrived!!!! YAY!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I can't believe it's back to school in under 2 weeks

I can't believe that it is almost back to school time! It sucks! I was enjoying holidays and just got used to the carefree nature of it before, and now the thought of school bells, SNOW yes I said the S word... SNOW. Snow is a offensive word here as it sucks for people in wheelchairs!

Had I known Oatie was handicapped, I'm not sure I'd have picked a snowy province!

Well one thing we've decided is that ABR is the way to go forward with Oatie, in combination with Swimming. He has been happy and jolly and not in pain since we started our months swimming fest. Sorry for the lack of posts! But Oatie is now swimming lengths on his back, front and jumping in and everything all with his "konfidence" jacket that his grandparents bought for him last year!

I am trying to agree a time to take him out from school at lunch and take him to the "diversity" swim, (handicapped swim) across the field... however the field is usually filled with SNOW for 6 months of the year! which then makes the 500m distance seem like a journey to the moon!

Yes I am writing about the S word, on a day when it is one of the hottest of the year, nearly 30oc today! + that is +, yes we have a 80oC swing in temperature here, -40oc to +40oc!

My eldest is away at a YMCA camp this week, camping and canoeing and archery and all fun things, but I only let him go if he could swim and feel happy falling out his canoe... My elder daughter also learned to swim but there was no space available, so Instead she is going to dabble in synchro swimming in the fall to put her new swimming skills to the test.

URGH school starting up, more battles coming up... GROAN! No they haven't got back to me about the therapeutic riding, they don't even need to do anything apart from give me Oaties plan!

And my Smuding herbs should be arriving soon, I can't wait, my good friends (family) the Dzialo's suggested doing this ages ago and I couldn't find the herbs locally, and after bad luck after bad luck, I suddenly had the eureka of buying online, and when I did,... the shop that I chose is in the same city as us !!!! lol! I am going to smudge even my CAR!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oatie has started his road to independent swimming

We have done our annual month quest of encouraging our kids to swim, all reluctant swimmers well the elder two are... Oatie loves the water but is ill after ill in the Winter.

We tried 6 weeks of back to back swimming lessons and additional swimming at the weekends, swimming 3 times a week for years....

Anyway in the end financial bribery has seemed to work!

My eldest can now swim 25m and Oatie can now swim with his boyancy jacket unaided!!! he used to grip our hands and not let go, but he can now swim around with the jacket on and he LOVES it!

Oatie's elder sister is a reluctant swimmer but his baby sister LOVES swimming too!

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