Saturday, August 24, 2013

Banishing Herbs have arrived!

Kind of excited really, firstly I found a wheel extension for Oatie's current wheelchair which costs $600, but it converts your standard wheelchair to being like a Jogging stroller. So I'm looking into that. As the all terrain wheelchairs are really expensive! I would like to get out and about a lot more than we do. AND apparently this Wheel extension make getting over snow and ice a piece of cake!!! I NEED a piece of cake for Winter.

My eldest came back from the YMCA camp that he went on, he loved it so much he would like to go back next Summer!

I have started to take Oatie out more in his wheelchair these days as the baby will need to move into the stroller that we've been putting him into soon. And also when I need him to, Oatie can self propel. Maybe I've finally gotten used to Oatie being Handicapped lol! I don't know.

About to go swimming with the kids... catch you later

Oh and the Smudging herbs arrived!!!! YAY!

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