Thursday, September 12, 2013

urgh, overwhelmed and favours that backfire lol!

Well we had back to school. They have put the "allergic to the world" aide back with Oatie, her face looks like a wet weekend with -40oC blizzard on top! I'm not kidding, she reminds me of the "sad clown" kind of depressiveness. How can someone like that even enJOY kids? my older two said she's always grumpy and short too.

She won't let my older two even say hello to Oatie, she shouts and snaps at them. This same aide, takes away his own personal property book from when he gets off the bus and doesn't give it back to him so then he's sat there on his own, with no one to talk to on the bus and noting to do.

If you didn't know, disabled people on the bus get stuck up the front or back and there are no seats near them! JOY!

He spilt his fruit cup the other day and just left him in it, didn't change him, and there are swarms of angry wasps out at the moment, just yesterday I got my very first wasp sting in my life !

So, we are having a meeting tomorrow with all 3 people who help to look after him. The other two, we've never had a single problem with them, it's this one lady and now its likely that good two will think it's them, and it's not them at all, just this one lady!

They don't understand his handicap, and they asked me to do a presentation on Oatie, but when i asked for parameters such as who is it aimed for, kids, parents, teachers? I was told she has to ask the BOARD and that was that... nothing for an entire YEAR!

They keep on thinking the more he walks the better he will walk and we are like errrr NO!


Last Tuesday I felt really sick with feeling overwhelmed! I hate school starting up from all the BS (like above). Hauling the 5tonne (well it's not 5 tonne but to me if feels like it is) in and out the car....

Then on top of that, the mayor didn't put a 50 feet strip of concrete path in... so to push him from school to the rec centre is a tough job on the grass, i don't know what to do in the winter!!!!!!!! if I don't I have to push him 200m back to the car which in the snow takes 30minutes! then put everyone in the car which takes 10 minutes, drive for 28 seconds and get everyone back out again, another ten minutes. To travel the distance of a 2 minute walk for an able person! THANKS MAYOR! and yes he's up for re-election, but we can't vote yet! so I can't even vote against him!!!

Then I offered to help someone out which has totally backfired, they took the pee, to the nth degree and now I'm lumbered with something I didn't pick or choose and is 50 times the work! kind of abused our "friendship-goodwill gesture" I agreed to one thing one way and now it's totally different! So I can't even make it as they didn't buy enough material and I only offered to help as they said that they were HARD UP, we all know what that feels like so I said I would help them.... as it turns out, they are not hard up at all!

I had another one of those with a different something in the Summer too well it happened twice....!

YAH! lets go and take advantage of Oaties mum, she has so much SPARE time on her hands with her two eldest, Oatie with CP and a baby! TWICE!

So, after I get this latest advantage taking... I know it sounds hard, but I'm going to start to say NO! unless I'm in charge of something!

Rant over and out!

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