Friday, September 20, 2013

Life's a climb but the view is great - I like to hope it is...

Well, what happens in a usually week of a 10,8,6 and 0 year old... Mum falls ill with fever for 3 days only to have Oatie do the same... lol! My husband has been great, picking up the older two, doing the lunches and his normal job too!

On the day I was falling ill, I felt so rough pushing the wheelchair across the field, that I just felt drained! So I was so annoyed, I decided to email every single town councillor in our town.

I have been basically ignored for 28 months, they apparently at the town did something, and I was told that my plea in June was told to the rest of the council but the councillors who emailed back, hadn't heard of any mention of my plea??? Hmmm smelling a rat?

Well, we get a 5 minute audience with the town, after I created stink. To ask that a path be put between the kids school and the rec centre, so I can push Oatie or his aids can to gym class, swimming or skating. The Mayor doesn't see what's wrong with going the long way round, which in Winter can take from 10-40 minutes depending on how fabulous the snow removal people are, like they clear the road but dump it on the sidewalk.. or one school clears it and dumps it in front of our school!

On Foot you can get to the rec centre in one minute! if you go across the field (able bodied). So why would they think that I would think that taking 10-40 times longer would make me be filled with JOY? No it doesn't make me be filled with Joy at all!

It's wrong and just plain wrong! The town wants people to use "human powered transport" over car usage, so this fits right in with that!

So we are going to go to council or I should say my husband is, as he is much more concise than I am, he's also over 6ft! so a bit more menacing looking than me lol!

We have some letters of support from a mum who's a friend of mine, who's daughter was in the last paraolympics standing up for Oatie, and another friend of mine who is from down under who is also writing a letter in support.

One of my "friends" just didn't get it.... at all... at all, and fine, don't agree with me, I don't mind that, but to keep on going and going and going at me WHY and what the problem was, I just wanted to do as my good friend Phil says, WHACK her with the wheelchair. I kind of came to the conclusion that a Friend like that, who needs an enemy.

The ones who didn't write a support letter as I sent out a blanket thing saying if people wanted to then please do but don't feel obliged. I get it that people are busy and some people might feel uncomfortable going against the Mayor or whatever, or maybe some people believe that disabled access is fine as it is. I don't mind that, but the one who kept on going and going, URGH, no thank you!

This "friend" I have done so much for, and well anyway, whatever!

So I'm looking for an all terrain wheelchair and I think I might ask my ex fellow Scouter who's an engineer to help me build a Sledge kind of thing to pull the wheelchair...

Oatie might be in wheels, but I don't want to be confined by them and neither does he!

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