Thursday, September 26, 2013

Success at the town...

Well, we had a great result from the town, we even had our area CP govt relations turn up to support Oatie! Oatie went looking super cute, and when he was asked by the Mayor off line if he had girl friends, Oatie blushed and said no... (all the girls in his class LOVE him!) so much so some of the other boys are jealous. The 6 year old girls LOVE mothering him!

So they basically said that they would look to putting me out of my misery with a dedicated path! Then the kids were all under the weather, Oatie hasn't been at school for a week now.

The off road wheelchair people got back to us which was great.

My friends dad had emergency heart surgery so that was a bit shocking. I found out I was lied to by a friend quite badly... that was interesting...

The disabled skating pilot is going well so far which is good.

Dreading some parts of the next few months... we are looking to sell our home (I hate hate hate selling houses, in the past it has gone wrong/badly) each time I suppose the last few weeks have been a rollercoaster, some ups, some huge downs, and we're just hanging on for the hell of it! Sometimes, I wish I could just let go and just fall off! (just like some of you).

Then trying to keep the balance of everyone and everything... I just now want to smudge our house so badly.

The thought of selling our house on top of everything else, just makes me feel defeated, to be quite honest, how am I to keep a home in immaculate order, with 4 kids, one's a baby, one's handicapped and my husband works really long hours and arhghgghghghghh. 5 cats, mine is peeing and pooping everywhere so the carpet now STINKS! We need to sell our house, for a whole multitude of reasons, the most being wanting or needing to rennovate it so Oatie can use wheels inside the house if he wants to. Having the extra money to do this... Having a main floor bedroom for him... a bathroom that he could use himself one day rather than mummy washing him as a teen... I would also like to return to "school" myself, I have done since i was 21... but I don't know what to study. I know I'd like a different direction, one that works around the kids and I don't have to do a downtown commute.

In-between that the kids principle seems ready to "snap", I don't know why, but she is really short this year,...

Oh and my cats dying, I've had her since I was a teenager and she is shrinking each week. She isn't in pain, but it's painful for me to watch her die. I've tried to tell her she doesn't have to hang on for me (we've been through everything together since I moved out of home).

Being ill with a fever last week really knocked the wind out of my sails. I could really do with 3 weeks, all inclusive, on a beach, with the family with no technology with us. (last year it was 2... but this year it's three). If we ever sell our house, that is one of the first things I might do.

and my dad's family is here this weekend, but they are all loaded and would expect me to wine and dine them... but with the upcoming cost of the latest wheelchair, so I can get Oatie to and from school. I'm like..... I'd like to see maybe one of them, his sisters and brother in law are travelling by road ... but a Tim Horton's is MY budget at a stretch! And no, you can't even say any of that to them, without a feud starting up and I mean a crazy feud... with politics and drama and all that.... with cherries on top, bells and whistles and my dad is so lovely but his family are really odd.

Oh and yes, I felt worse last week, when a really really lovely, but new coach, asked my son to lift my daughter on the ice and whilst my mouth was opening as they have never done on-ice lifts as I was told not until he is 12!!! his feet went out and yes his head glanced the ice. Worst nightmare having one brain damaged child, but trying to not wrap the others in cotton wool and let them pursue their passion and dreams... but yes I felt sick and he didn't have a head ache, or concussion or anything... not even a graze... but I felt sick... i felt really sick and well he is totally fine... I'm not sure that I have emotionally recovered from it yet.

Ok Rant over and out!

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