Monday, April 29, 2013

My Daughters 8th Birthday

Yesterday we had my daughters 8th Birthday and one of her friends, absolutely loves Oatie,... so much so, that she went and got him some water, and so much so that she helped him with his craft... and my daughters other friend ice a cupcake for him.  That was just so sweet to see my daughters friends interacting and caring for Oatie like he's their little brother too.

My daughter dressed Oatie for her party and my eldest son did his hair and helped him around the house and danced with him at the disco we had in our basement.

We had a great day, best day in ages and yes today we got some more bad news! lol!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday invite!

Oatie has been invited to another party! That is three this year already! Such a contrast to one in Preschool... and when he goes, he's like the guest of honour, it's really nice.

Apparently his sibs tell me he's a bit of a ladies man,... he's polite and always lets the ladies go first!

Now we are getting ready for my eldest daughters 8th Birthday!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

still off school

Oatie is still off school.  We had hoped to go to Montreal in May but we didn't get a seat sale and the prices have stuck really high since Jan.  so unfortunately we can't go this May, which is a shame.

I also just started to roll Oatie when he got Croup and still I can't roll him.  His chest is just full...

The others didn't get it, the baby got it slightly... but I'm still feeding her so she was ok.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oatie is Sick!

Oatie is sick, he got croup... just out of no where and it knocked the poor guy for six!  It really hit him hard, we thought that he would be immune this year as last year he got it mildly.

After he recovered, there was a fever and vomiting bug going around at school so we kept him at home as we felt that if he went in he would end up in hospital for sure... he doesn't have much spare meat on the lad... so we have to be careful.

Oatie has a healthy appetite but has the opposite problem that most of us do... he is lean, (not underweight) but lean lean.... and finds is HARD to put weight on! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

One thing after another

Why is it that there is always one thing after another, knock after knock after knock in life.  When is the good stuff going to happen?

People say keep a positive attitude and things will work out.. well it doesn't and I think that is rubbish, I have a positive attitude and the moment that we get a glimpse of something good, another huge kick! every single time.

All I can think is that I must have dated the devil in my prevous life!
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