Sunday, September 29, 2013

We don't want special treatment, just the same level of dignity as others!

Well we have been invited to another meeting to help facilitate this path! Or Area CP govt relations lady will be there to give a mini presentation and support us.

Oatie starts his skating lessons next Saturday!

You would think negotiation for a WARM place that he can get to, to put on his skates would be a breeze, like how hard can it be to find a room, in a "fully inclusive" (they are still working on this point). hence my fight! to find a place for them to put on their skates?

The only room which is really suitable is the referee's room. Consider this, we have 3 ice sheets, one is curling, but the other 1.5 is hockey. We have another ice rink in town too which has large hockey matches at it and then there is one built 1km from our house which is going to be a Elite Hockey centre.

I am not saying I don't like hockey. BUT! when our guys are figure skating, we are on the ice or for the learn to skate programme.

So I am going to propose that this most accessible room be turned into a FLEX room, where by, the Hockey Ref's can use it, and then the MALE figure skaters can use it and so can people who are in wheelchairs.

I know that the argument will be that they (handicapped people can get changed in the swimming changing room). However, the LAZY non handicapped folk, don't put their shoes on the stacks of racks on at the rec centre on the way in to the swimming changing room. So you CAN'T get a wheelchair over them very easily! I have to say, I've taken a leaf out of my friend Phil's book.... I now ROLL OVER THE SHOES, as if they don't want them damaged, then bend down, pick them up and put then on the wrack which is another 3 second's worth of EFFORT!. If you can't be bothered to do something that takes 3 seconds then I can't be bothered to move them out of the way!

So I've been fighting for a changing room for handicapped people!

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