Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Do you know someone like this...


Well basically there is this one woman who I have to encounter for years, basically lies, does whatever she can to push her kid ahead... stamps her feet, and if she doesn't get her own way she CRIES and her daughter CRIES and they cry all the time! She has done this for YEARS... every year end wrap up, her child gets an award.. EVERY SINGLE YEAR... there are some people who NEVER get one... NEVER! but her kid, each YEAR! She targets her jealous on each and every family that "threatens" her daughter being the best. If her daughter gets 3rd place she cries it's not GOLD!

This woman had been so malicious she sent rude emails about another parent, all because she is jealous of this other parents child. Then her daughter came last in an event and her daughter LIED about it saying she came somewhere else.

Anyway this whole drama unfolded, and I couldn't take the lying anymore, I was prepared to keep my mouth shut.. but then she came to DEFEND the lying.. and I was like ENOUGH is ENOUGH! So yes if you're wondering... she went off to do her sob story and (she vowed to report me) so I guess she did to the organisers... as someone else saw them consoling her...

Oatie has been really tired.., and no news on the therapeutic riding as the school board man hasn't replied... yet.

I'm really tired, I HATE stuff like that.

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