Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Violation of a handicap parking spot

Today's excuse from a mother in a handicap bay, with no handicap person in the vehicle or collecting of a disabled passenger...

I pulled up, went to get Oatie out in his wheelchair, but first I got out my babies wheels.... and....

This other mother thought she would do the same... SO... there was no blue badge... no handicapped person in the vehicle... and so I plonked Oaties wheelchair right out side the drivers door!!! Voila!

Meanwhile I started to get Oatie and the baby out... She then wound down her window and I was like "can I help you????????" she was just looking at me and then saw the wheelchair,.. so you are collecting a disabled person from the rec centre????!???? Or do you have a disabled person in your vehicle?

Obviously the answer to both was.. NO! So I just looked her in the eye and blinked at her... she said

"I had to pull in here to pull out my hair tie..." I was like RIGHT!?!?!?!

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