Friday, May 3, 2013

Finally feeling able to get organised...

I'm an organised kind of person, and I don't like disorganisation, as it's a waste of time totally!  When I execute a plan, it's done to military precision! and no I'm not kidding!  I was a PA lol!

Today I finally got the babies passport done... had a moment of disorganisation when my friend the guarantor forgot to bring her passport the other day and then we both forgot that she didn't phone her number through.. so at the office they were like the form is great but!!!  I was like arghghghg my friend is not home during the day much... nor is she one to carry a cell phone either!  Howerever as Luck will have it... she was home and had her passport to hand!!!!! YAY!

So the babies passport is sent off :) and now I just need to send the Babies and Oaties off to Washington State for our other passports.... We have one dual citizen in the house and that is the baby!

When we got back I cleaned the inside of my car, which looks great and, the kids piano recital has been moved to the week after, after a double booking so we have a free weekend!!!!  There is a disability expo tomorrow so might go to that other then that!  I don't know what we are doing which is also FUN!

But gradually getting things back into a grove and looking forward to getting my rolling time back with Oatie very much so!

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