Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air....

Today my three beautiful kiddies were excited about St.Valentines day, luckily for me they are too young to have "romantic" notions... but what is nice is that they are celebrating the love of friendship. Today no one got bullied and everyone had a super day. My Oatie's class made lots of crafts and sang songs... my daughters class had a party picnic and all had to wear Red/White or Pink, and I supplied some Valentines coloured food (Home made Pizza). My eldest had more of a celebration with their class. My elder two had skating today and my eldest wore his Red top.... and they gave home-made cards to their coaches, which they did a watercolour heart on.

The test that my son had just passed, well he was allowed to pair with my daughter, and it was just so gorgeous to see them skate together and nice for the grandparents to see them "ice dancing" together, they can't officially skate together till they are a higher standard but for fun today, the coaches let them. My little boy, holding my little girls hands in dance hold. He was so gentle with her making sure he didn't trip her up, arm around her back supporting her, it was a handkerchief moment.

My mum and dad are staying with us till Wednesday so it's my dad's birthday next month, and we won't be together so I told you guys, but I secretly made a cake, which I froze and iced the flowers. I was iced smooth white, and was going to be a "serious cake" but my gorgeous daughter wanted it rainbow colour for her Granddad and it sounded so much more fun, so we painted the coloured stripes on the heart shaped cake.

We got 3.04 manual ABR yesterday and 3.08 hours manual today.


  1. Okay, Mel, you brought tears to my eyes with your handkerchief moment - so precious!! (while I was drinking my morning coffee) I can't believe that you kept up your ABR hours during the family visit - true commitment.

  2. So very happy that you guys had a great time...Valentine's Day has a great flavor when it's celebrated in the spirit of friendship. I too am so impressed with your commitment to ABR given all the other activities and family visits...we all send our best wishes from down below here in Massachusetts.

  3. Have fun with your parents. I love your cake looks amazing. Great job decorating it.

  4. Sending huge hugs back to you all. The cake has been totally demolished... I have the same batch cake iced ready to go in the freezer! You are all so lovely, xxx

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