Friday, February 11, 2011

So much better...phew!

Well what I had been dreading has been so much better than I had expected, well I expected nothing so it can then only be better... Which is better than disappointment. I got a 3 mile run, 30 mins on my rebounder and 3 hours to the minute of ABR and... Drove 2.5 hours to a hotel for our older two's skating competition they compete tomorrow. My daughter with NO helmet don't feel that ok about it but I have to admit she skates better without it. I've been out voted... And for practice she does have her sorborhane lined hat. I'm putting her hair in a bun so should she go down bad she'll have something...She is doing a full ice to music for the very first time she only learnt her routine 2 weeks ago.

My parents are here on a visit so they'll actually see them compete for the first time and not on a video.

After the comp, my two beavers scouts have a sleepover at a major attraction.

So I'm sat in bed munching a choc chip cookie drinking a very dodgy coffee... yuck!!?!? With our curtains/drapes open on the ground floor (people walking past) so we can see and the kids can sleep... Lol!
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