Friday, February 18, 2011

Out of Sync... no not an Iphone! ME!

Well, since the Grandparents flew home on Wednesday, my routine has been a bit hap hazzard, like catching up on the regular chores that you shoved aside so you can spend some time and well for me waiting till the weekend so I can take a breath....

Have you ever had one of those days when... you feel like you are out of sync with the cosmic forces around you, like you're out of time (not game over necessarily) but out of time in syncronised terms. A few near misses with death...One of those days when you get in your bed at night and glad that you've "made it". It isn't a "bad mood day" as I don't often have a bad mood day, (as it's generally a waste of energy, emotion and well, I like to be up beat). It's a day when your mood is happy/neutral and you're just "out of sync!" It's a bit "deja vu ish..." too.

Well I had one of those days, and well a decade ago I would have fought it (by trying to ignore all the out of sync things, and try and get back on time), but a bit of experience has taught me not to fight it and well be thankful that I'm in one piece, and just take a deep breath and in your stride is the best way to end up unscathed... (it's the type of day you know that you should have stayed in bed). I found that if you fight it, the consequences are worse... so it's better to accept that today is one of "those" days and to be more vigilant that you are out of sync and then I've found nothing too drastic happens, like you have the near misses but not the "hits".

So it started off as a fairly typical day it was the day after my parents went home. My husband took my elder son and daughter for their ski lesson (the had teacher training days) and I took my Oatie to preschool. Well with no other siblings to fight with, and not trying to get 3 kids in the car only one... and having peace and quiet in the house you'd expect that to go fine... well after two changes, about to put him in the car, when I was like, OK, so I had to unalarm the house, boots off... so anyway we were laughably 30 minutes late for school, the door wouldn't open and then there was a tractor doing a manoeuvre on the highway (you know stuff that doesn't' usually happen), two cars having very aggressive road rage at each other, followed by a 6 police car speed trap.... hauling people off the road and then at school no spaces in the car park even though we were late, the path slicker than a rink... At school Oatie got accidentally hit in the eye with a toy plane within 20 seconds of being there... and then I went for a swim, got kicked, broke nails on the rope, slipped poolside... jammed locker so took 20 minutes to free my clothes... it was -20 with 85% humidity, no hat or mitts as my husband had my car... so I had to almost burn my hair (well I borrowed Oaties bobble hat) the cream one photo previously on the blog. Picked up Oatie, we went fabric shopping in town, got police radar-ed another two times, got cut up 3 times by a truck and a car having road rage, 5miles later one car 5 in front did a huge emergency stop for no reason and almost caused a huge pile up... followed by another radar.... got to the strip mall and the car park was blocked by a truck who couldn't manoeuvre as there were 3 illegally parked cars, bought the wrong colour gold fabric, ended up in the splits in the carpark, drove to the other shop which has the notions, another police radar, someone parked across both handicapped spaces so we had a huge walk, skidded on the ice with Oatie... (I bought him some denim, and track pant material and some pyjama material to make him some more CP friendly clothes he chose it and was a super shopper) got in the car, saw a huge multi car pile up been cleared up, eventually made it home with some nice more road antics... a few cat sick, and kid spillages later, we settled down for our ABR (unfortunately we didn't get in the amount we'd usually get in on a Thursday), my husband kindly too the older two skating, and I made popped a dinner that cooks no hassle in our lovely oven while we did our ABR. I might take a photo of one of my best friends (my oven) for you to see, well after dinner it was scouts and well it was the first time it was 5 of us for almost a week were together, so we were just all catching up when I realise I was late for scouts, I was like oh no! but thought better late than never, so I got in my car got radar-ed again, and well I did apologise for being late and mentioned to a younger scouter about days when you just don't feel in sync with the time around you, and well he said at times he has days like that too once in a while. We had our leaders meeting after and after being radar-ed one last time, I was very relieved when I finally pulled into our garage... PHEW! only to slip on the kitchen floor! YIKES!

Luckily those days don't happen very often to me, when some of the near misses are unfolding and you get the deja vu, but then a pit in the stomach feeling that things could have easily gone the other way(like bad) have you ever had that?

Well no speeding tickets for me! Ta Dah!!!!

The other thing I just don't get... is Road Rage, it was all the Rage in the mid 90's to the mid 00's in the UK. Like seriously, it was so bad, I've seen people smash other peoples windscreens in at the Gas Bar as they didn't pull away, in the person doing the punchings' timely manner, punch ups in the Supermarket. In the new it was worse, baseball batting's, been followed and when people pull up they get beaten till they don't move... shootings over road rage. Well it got so out of control, but it was everywhere people up each others Fenders/Bumpers and everywhere was just so ANGRY on the roads it was insane. You'd see people been forced to stay on the highway as no one would let this person who was indicating come off the highway as the cars/trucks would form a "Wall". Well the increase in fuel seemed to calm it down as to "Rage" would cost more, but the graphic images on TV actually helped to calm it right down. I don't know why, but here, they seem to be in the infancy of their road rage... why don't they understand that their anger behind the wheel is likely to cause someone's death? Why do people get so NASTY when they are behind the wheel? You should never drive "Angry" and if someone wants to turn right, by blocking them off isn't going to make them to want to go left, so why not let them turn right and give them some space so they can be safe? You get to go where you want to go and they them.... both arrive at your destination in tact? The roads are so SLOW here, what difference does going a few KM faster do anyway 15 seconds? 30 seconds earlier at your destination? what's the point? I wish the Government here would educate people, they shouldn't need to to me it's common sense,...but I think that they should. No one here leave any form of breaking distance. They drive on open empty highways like they are in rush hour Central London (England).

Oh and Oatie has been spontaneously walking short distances more... like when he comes out of class he like to walk to one of the dads whom he loves (they are a good family friend of ours) and he walks to give him a hug.

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