Sunday, February 27, 2011

Look who's on the ICE!

Oatie is Buggy Skating... yes the well awaited skate happened today!  We didn't tell Oatie, until we were in the changing room putting on our skates.  When we told him, he said "NOPE, I no skate...I watch" and I said, not today you don't today you're buggy skating,... "ME buggy Skate?"..."Nope".  I wasn't enirely sure but I think that he thought that he'd be watching, inwardly I think he gave up on buggy skating as a viable option... but I know he wanted to as on our digital photo frame, there is a photo of us buggy skating on my birthday a year and a half ago.  Each and everytime he see's that photo he said "JJ Buggy Skate...JJ Skate"

Well, I got what JJ got, and last night I was feverish... don't you just love preschool!  But I said to Si, that unless I'm on a stretcher, I'm taking him skating.  My other two who had already done 1:45 at 7am this morning.... donned their "second hand" hockey skates for the first time.  My daughter was a bit more tentative but did v-push around by herself and did eldest, the scowl... oh the scowl, when he first went out, I couldn't help but roar with laughter which made him scowl more, as he stepped out and I put helmets and knee pads on them, he said he didn't want to hold my hand, shouted out how he hated "Hockey skates" and THUNK! down to the ice.... (I have a theory that if you're angry when you ice skate, the ice will pay you back, you'll have a THUNK!) totally different blade shape to figure skates.  Well I did 3 laps backwards holding his hands and after that he was v-pushing, doing chassés, mowhawks, two foot turns and then did forward crossovers both sides.  He managed this only 20 minutes of being on the ice and he'd never worn hockey skates before ever.... and then retorted... "mum I've never been on hockey skates before and I can STILL skate faster than you!!!"  How Charming!

So I think they enjoyed the challenge as they skate way too fast for a family skate in their figure skates and usually have me telling them off from Jumping or Spinning...  So they had fun and Oatie most certainly had fun.

So less chatting from me...

Here are some photos...


  1. Fantastic. Enjoyment is what it's all about.

  2. Absolutely love these pictures! Coffee and Oatie's smiling face - what a great way to start my day!! And, even though Mom was feeling "not in tip/top shape". Oatie's first reaction was precious - he just couldn't believe it and then there he is right in the middle of the action. Great job Mel and Si!!

  3. I love the look on his face! He loved the ice, and looks so proud to be out there with everyone!

  4. Dear Eric, Sharon and Lisa,

    We're all still smiling from yesterday too. Oatie was singing the alphabet and in-between saying skating.... I also love, the before and during photos, I think I'm going to frame one of them.

    When he couldn't believe he was going out, he loves Matchbox cars and didn't want to let go of Rouge, so I lent him my "magic gloves" the super stretch ones and we put Rouge inside his mits so he and Rouge could skate together.

    He only let my husband or my eldest push him as mummy skates too slow! He likes to go at speed. He was like the ice commander out there, he just LOVED it.

    Thanks for the lovely comments and for all your support as you know yourselves you sometimes feel like a 'moaning minnie' forever, having to fight for your child's rights or for what is right.

    It was the best day he had in ages and we're hoping to go next Sunday too.

  5. Hooray! Oatie on Ice! I love it! Now I know what buggy skating is - we've never tried this but I can add it to the options now for adaptive skating! I recently took a big thunk myself when trying out hockey skates - even without the anger part! Hope you get to go buggy skating again soon!

  6. Marcy, this is the best style stroller to buggy skate with for Oatie. We have a few strollers and tried them out last year. The luxury stroller slides too much we found. Oatie likes this stroller as he feels part of the action the luxury he wasn't as animated and he can go faster.

    Marcy, you are a brave woman, I'm not game enough for hockey skates yet. I'll never say never. But I think for me I'd be safer trying jumping from a helicopter with skis on off piste (I haven't tried that either) than me in hockey skates. Lol!


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