Monday, February 7, 2011

A Snow Day... are you kidding?

Well today was a Snow Day, my eldest's school has an automated dialling phone system that phones you at 5am in the morning, to let you know if it's a snow day. Well today we got that call... In one way I was like, phew no school run and then my brain was popping from all the things that I could do... well.... yep it didn't got that way...but that's ok....

I couldn't believe it was a snow day as it wasn't actually that bad out there at all, it was only -17 which is nothing, just a fleece or two fleece weather and not much snow.... and we've had to almost die to get to school on other days with a good foot of snow+. Well I suppose I'd rather they'd call it a snow day and be safe.

First of all, I couldn't go back to sleep,... then....I fell asleep...slept in... I know ! lol! Well, we got 2:37 of manual ABR today. My daughter skated in her competition dress for a practice today, which she enjoyed.... While our kids do their "off ice" training, the learning to skate programme is on straight afterwards and well we could see the Oatie Aged kids out there skating. My daughter was exactly the same age as Oatie is now pretty much to the day, when she was learning to skate... She saved her skates for Oatie and won't let me sell them either... my older two know how much Oatie would love to skate, and they love skating so much., so the tiny skates will sit there....

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  1. OMG 5 am phone calls from the school yikes.. I don't mind snow days but don't wake me up that early. Actually here I am at 6am reading your blog but my girl got me up not the school.

  2. Dear Sherry,

    I know, It did leave me feeling rather jet-lagged... and you have that moment of dread that call in the middle of the night, where you think something has happened to a family member... What's really creepy is that it's this robotic automated voice which when you're half asleep, doesn't bode well with me...!


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