Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday hooray

Oatie loves ABR

Oatie has had another fantastic day.  Well for starters he managed to persuade his Granddad and Nana to accompany him on the school run.  Oatie and his Granddad have really bonded this visit, and Oatie won't leave the house without him, if he needs carrying, it's Granddad no one else will do.

My bulging biceps are turning to blubber (not that I mind and I am joking... you know when body-builders don't keep up the training it turns to fat).  

As I wasn't doing the "carrying" and just holding my daughters cute little hand in mine, walking along swinging our arms, I had a small taster of how our life used to be, totally carefree (and how other parents have it when all three are able to walk) and I think my biggest worry was what was I going to cook for dinner... and if X had nappy(diaper) rash...  Well  there is never a dull moment now!

This time last year, Oatie couldn't weight bear that well, he couldn't really sit up...he'd cruise the furniture but it was laboured, and I have written about that "soldier" who helped Oatie and I on our first time to Montreal, settle Oatie (he is very attached to his dad) by giving him his very first lollipop, to carrying our bags of the aircraft, our stroller wasn't there so he helped us to the baggage carousel, and got our bags off and found our stroller and walked us to the taxi rank.

Oatie couldn't stand really, he wouldn't hold on, and you couldn't put him down anywhere or even sit him down as he was so unstable he'd just flop over like jello/Jelly.  I keep on putting N. American words and UK equivalents... lol!  He couldn't sit on a chair without flopping around and in the cabs where he had to sit on my lap, he'd scream as it hurt him and he felt unsafe... so I crossed my arms over his chest to make him feel secure.  Getting out the cabs, I'd almost cry as most of the drivers were impatient to go, and not help the with the stroller and just dump and drive off (with snow on the ground) and you need two hands to put the stroller up!  In the end I found one nice taxi driver and he became the only taxi I'd use and gave him our airport run too.

It's coming up to our 1 year anniversary of ABR, well not quite, but he's come so far in one year.  This morning was another, he now has muscle control of his bladder (he won't use it yet...) but he was bone dry and then very soggy, so we were late to school, so it was quite funny for me, with my other two I'd be like ohhhh no we're going to be late!!! but with Oatie I was like WOW!  

Today he hiccuped for the very first time... that either my husband or I could ever recall, in fact I don't think he's ever hiccuped before, my husband took a year off before/after Oatie, and he didn't remember him hiccuping either.  We both had high flying jobs and time was whizzing past and we wanted to spend more time as a family as our older two were at nursery from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and the balance felt all wrong.  (Just so you know that they took BABIES from 6 weeks old!not mine, My older two were 6 and 8 months and I went back very part time to start with but got sucked back in to workd, as you'd get full time hours but part time pay, so you ended up going full time so at least you were paid for it, but that's what it's like in the UK the pressure to return to work is huge, if you don't want your job, 20 other people are standing waiting!).  One of life's annoyances, but maybe he couldn't hiccup before?  My other two did and I recall fondly whilst pregnant, the insomnia  of the hours of hiccups from my son and daughter!  All the little things that we take for granted or hate, that is just amazing or new for Oatie.  Inbetween the hiccups he was "What's that?" meaning what is a hiccup!  (We have been working on the chest cavity.)

Get ready for another roar of laughter, well I vowed that I'd never be a stay a home mum before we had kids (cue laughter), well I am, and the ABR hours I do with Oatie are like having a part time job...lol!  From doing the whole part time, full time, stay at home cycle several times around now.  I'd say if you like and are able, part time work is nice, you get a break, they get a break... but I have respect now for stay at home parents too and of the belief that whatever works for your family, is the best thing.  For Oatie, this is the best thing for him at the moment.  I am so pleased that preschool is working out for him as it's just so nice the two hours he can just be him, and play and have fun and make friends.  I also enjoy the two hours to break a sweat.

So today was our last full day with the "Grandparents" visiting.  Tomorrow there are going to be some huge tears from Oatie as Granddad will be going home.  If you hear of avalanches it will be Oatie's "yodel" that will be the cause for sure!

Well my friend the washing machine is calling but before I go...

I had a classic moment this morning, as I traded my usual exercise for spending time with my parents... I thought I'd wash my hair this morning before the school run, I had time to wash, virtually dry and still beat the kids in the car.... or so I though!  We live in the country and have a well.  I had just put a stack of conditioner on my hair (I grow my hair and donate it) so I try and keep the condition good. and the water cut out (the filter was blocked with soil), it was a trickle... so  there was all this foam and no water I was like ARGHGGGHGHGHG, so in the end I got my water bottle (It has to be a bottle or my cat will drink from my glass by my bedside...yuck!! she wears a collar so I can hear the chinking she like a cup of tea too!) and tipped it over my head, dried it best I could in 5 minutes still with conditioner in it and put my wolly hat on and was out the door.  Thankfully there are no photos of me on the blog as the whole screen would be taken up by HUGE hair like in Bridget Jones 2!

I hope everyone has sweet dreams, xxx

Tuesday's are our short sessions but we still got just under 2 hours of Manual and Oatie's zzzzing with his buzz bench on.


  1. I never thought I'd be a stay at home mom too. With my first I returned to IBM when he was 7 months, then I took a year with my second due to change in mat leave benefits in Canada. I had planned to work again after Ashley but all that changed when she was born with some issues and now 6 years later next month I don't miss IBM at all well the paycheck perhaps. I love school pick up and drop off. I couldn't image working right now or next few years. However I will have to see these 4 through college or university won't I so I have a feeling working is in my future at some point. I have no idea what kind of work I would do but I guess I'll figure that out in due time.

    Fabulous Picture of Oatie standing so amazing.

  2. Dear Sherry,

    I know what you mean, I really liked my boss, and the role I had, it was dynamic, versatile, different and you had to think on you feet and magic up stuff from nothing... but I don't miss the work place politics, and like with beautiful Ashely, my Oatie needed me. I agree, the paycheck was very nice.

    Well I didn't know about Oatie till 1 year ago, so I had planned on starting a career here... I think one day if Oatie was sufficient enough when he's older I would return to work (for their college/uni fund too).

    Well I think anyone who's kids has special needs has had the BEST MBA on the job training ever. Like after 3 years of being a special needs parent, you should just be awarded your MBA!

    I told Oatie you thought his standing was fabulous and he said "Merci"


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