Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bonjour! French Play....

Today was a "normal" day whatever that! no drama or Speedo's so it was a good day overall.

It's "half term"/Spring Break this week so our adult skate isn't on till next week. So I went for a Swim to loosen up my poor back, which was nice, my running buddy wasn't up for running either today so she walked and met me at the pool for a coffee which was fabulous. Picked Oatie from School, had lunch, did some ABR , we collected my daughter, and went to my eldests school to see their French Play. My eldest has a DVD in French that they are to watch at home 3 times a week, and then after many months later his class put on the play part of the DVD. The thing is that Oatie and my daughter who both go to French School do the DVD too.

So it was really nice, my eldest spoke loudly and clearly and in sync with his friend in their speaking part. My daughter sang the song sat on my lap with my son's class and Oatie shouted out the "Perdu" bits, which was adorable.

After school we dove to the second hand sport shop to get some........ to get some...... to get some...... "Hockey Skates" for my figure skating kids! Well it was for a multitude of reasons, mainly they don't like going to the family skate as previously we all weren't allowed on the ice at the same time, then because they just have to go round and round and "no tricks" which is fair enough... and they have to wear a helmet (also fair enough) and not skate fast (also fair enough). So I thought to make it more "interesting" they could skate a family skate in hockey skates, they get a challenge, and enjoy having the helmet and some padding lol!.. I can keep up with them and apparently if you're a figure skater, wearing hockey skates really improves your V-push technique? I have no idea by a friend of mine who's a coach recommended that. If my eldest is like he was on figure skates, he'll be up and off straight away... or he'll be on his bottom lots...We haven't told Oatie yet our plan for Sunday as I know he wouldn't sleep, he'd be so excited about Buggy Skating.
I couldn't do that, Crystal would nip me, she's so gentle with Oatie

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