Thursday, February 24, 2011

So many thing to chat about...

Well, today was a rather unusual day, well it was uneventful which was nice!  I only had 2/3 of my kids quota in the car... yep Oatie had green fangs YUCK!  Just pulled out the driveway and then the SNEEZE so I took him back inside to spend the morning with his dad.

My daughter's class is building an igloo which require 4l milk bottles which we can't participate in as we're allergic/intolerant to cows milk... so she took a 2l goat milk bottle in for the top!

Today was my eldest's 100 days of school celebration, I have no idea why but after this day the school year just flys.... I see the hat and go oooohhhhh Mannnn.  Yep, you can guess what Oatie watched on his bench, Dora the Explorer in French and English...

After the school drop-off I went for my swim.  Saw my friend at swimming (I used to race with for short sprints for fun we were about the same sprinting speed so it was fun) and since the vocal chord lump thing after losing my voice for over a month, I can't sprint at the moment.  I told him how I was just happy to be able to swim at all even if it's slower than a snail (so my throat doesn't' get aggravated)  I'm on the waitlist to see what it is....  My back is pretty much back to normal which is brilliant.

Today I drove to an Indian Fabric shop, they sell lots of skating and dance wear fabrics and I think I found the material for my daughter's next dress.
The new Dress Fabric
The shop next door was an Indian sweet shop, so I couldn't resist and bought ooodles of Jalebi which was my favourite Indian sweet when I was a kid. So tonight at the rink, everyone was trying the Jalebi even the coaches and even-though I cannot speak my "mother tongue" so to speak, (which is sad, I feel a part of my heritage I can never pass on) I can pass on the sweet stuff!  Oatie said Jalebi so perfectly, he enjoyed teaching my other two how to say it correctly he was beaming.  Yes Jalebi is a heart attack in a box... but it's nice for a treat, it's the first time I've come across any since we moved here.

Oatie eating Jalebi

He's been on his feet a lot today and he's going through a change.  No laughing here (OK) it's funny, he's becoming highly disobedient (which most 3 year olds do have that phase - joy) but he's always been older than his years in someways, like he would lie on the bench after I said it will help him... you wouldn't get my other two doing that at his age.  What I mean is, he'd never do the usual 2/3 year old antics as he was so busy with his CP and the frustrations of the CP, like he'll now spontaneously stand up, to me it looks like without thinking where as before you could see him thinking so hard about which muscle to do each bit.  So I'm thinking that maybe his disobedience is a good sign in that he's now not having to think as hard on how to move his arm or his leg or whatever, like it's becoming more natural/instinct and so hello disobedience.  When he's doing it, he shouts out "Look at ME!!!! look at ME!!!" huge grin...

I am not Mrs Walton (from the TV show the Walton's), so yes I do find it frustrating at times chasing this super fast Oatie around I pick him up he goes limp and if you're not careful he'll go into the pencil position and slip right through your hands (not to be caught).  But inwardly I'm laughing at myself, actually enjoying seeing him being a pickle.

This evening my eldest had the best skate since his 2 inch growth spurt, and came off so happy, he got his jump back that he "lost".  Well I'm going for a nice cup of tea and some Bread and Butter (soy margarine) Pudding with my darling hubby.

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