Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Great News! We did it!!!

Ok I sound a little like Dora... if you can't stand watching Dora in English, you should try the French version, Dora's voice is so much more tolerable (the Map and Swiper isn't) but not a bad trade off..... but the whole thing is so much more pleasant in French...

Well, today I went for my morning Swim... and when I got out, I was beckoned to the desk... where they said that they took a vote!!! (the boss lady isn't in for two weeks) and agreed that Oatie Can BUGGY SKATE during the family skates... I did put in my letter either Ice Sled or stroller and well he can go out on Family time on Sunday! Hooray!!!!

Oatie's Feet that want to skate...
Unfortunately we probably can't go out this Sunday most likely as my older two are in a figure skating competition, but we can go next Sunday for sure, if we do I'll take a photo of my Happy Skating Oatie!

After that relief we did some ABR and then it was the School/Dancing Dash...

Tonight my husband is volunteering at the Casino to raise funds for our Skating Club and tomorrow is my stint... we're doing the 10:00pm to 02:30am slot!!! YAWN... so I've put on some strong coffee to keep him awake....
I love the sun


  1. Wow that's great news they need to let Oatie skate - how could they possibly say no to that request. Can't wait to see the photos! Good luck this weekend at the kids competition.

  2. Dear Sherry, Our town is a bit unique, and I was a bit taken back that they did say yes... to the point I was speechless... the main person wasn't there, so they took a vote and they all know our family from pretty much living there, well they voted yes, which was a surprise and a relief and can save my gumption for another day - phew!.
    It's a town that promotes that it's wheelchair accessible, disabled friendly but it isn't really, they like the placards and advertising that they are, usually... like I don't see anyone disabled out and about in town or rec centre, I think I've seen two disabled people in our town of 20,000 in 2.5 years. I still have to carry Oatie in to school, I can't use his wheels, and there isn't a disabled parking there either.

    Thanks for the well wishes for this weekend. I've finally remembered how to add your blog viably to mine so you can see it on the LH column.

  3. Love the photo of Oatie and kitty and HOORAY! about SKATING - I too can't wait to see photos!!!

  4. Dear Marcy, thank you, I'm hoping I can get there this Sunday with Oatie... If not it will be next Sunday x To anyone oatie sees since yesterday, he says "I want a bike.... Ok!" there is an adaptive bike clinic in April here. Love Mel x


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