Saturday, September 12, 2015

can't sleep

Can't sleep, the school thing has been really bothering me... rather than giving the school year a good kickstart... it had totally unexpected challenges that I could have never imagined would have occurred.  They all knew that Oatie was in a wheelchair before the Summer holidays' it wasn't like a new thing... so why on earth would anyone move the handicapped school bus in a near by car park!  I have pushed his wheelchair in the snow and it made me want to cry when it's grounded... so to think of another person who isn't even related to him to do that...   As is it just snow on the ground, it had to have snowed... what are the parameters?  Will his bus go into the SAFE bus loop and get told to get out!!!  these are proper school buses... where as the bullies parents are abusing the bus loop by being lazy and dropping their kid off in the loop!!!

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