Thursday, January 9, 2014

Injury still recovering... bureaucrats and abuse of disabled parking

I'm still recovering from my shoulder injury, it happened about 2 years ago pushing Oatie around up hill in snow..

I was so desperate for the pain to go, that I even let the physio stick the muscle reset needles in my shoulder muscle like 20 times! It does feel much better but I was a bit silly over the break by not doing my exercises...

We have got Oatie back in the rhythm of having his ABR bench on at night, the only night we won't put it on him is Sundays... so he has one day of freedom where he can sneak downstairs and watch TV lol!

I finally got a reply from some bureaucrats after 3 months, they claimed that their reply to me must have got lost... but usually when that happens the sender or It's happened to me, where you forward the original email when you sent it to the person to kind of restore that it was lost in good faith...

And I was watching Emma, (Jane Austen) and well the wheelchair in that was just that a dining chair with carriage wheels on it. The design or function or the ergonomics of it really hasn't evolved.. much...

You would have thought in this day and age, that the "designers" would be making it you can lift it without injury... and make it easy to fold... etc.... They do it with strollers... why not wheelchairs?

And What I cannot Fathom, is that each province here is responsible for it's own "healthcare" and what i don't get in a province that is in snow for a good 6 months of the year... why do they give (government issued that you spend half on)... wheelchairs out that don't work in the snow! I'm like... makes no sense!

And my biggest peave is, the timbit hockey parents... they come to get their player, too lazy to park and walk... so they ABUSE THE DISABLED PARKING, I reported it ot the local police force and nothing has improved so far.

So there I am with the government issued piece of junk that is WAY overpriced! in hte snow... with the most snow fall from the beginning of the last Century.. and LUCKY to be able to park in the disabled parking spot, with a recovering shoulder injury... all because some people are just too lazy to walk.

When I'm not with Oatie, I would never ever DREAM of parking in the disabled spot... what's wrong with people!

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