Thursday, January 27, 2011

One year since our diagnosis of Oatie...

Well it's too late to un-post Yesterdays post now...!lol!  Today we had a good first day back on the Bench, we did 1:45 I thought we'd see how much we could do and Oatie, Crystal, Wow and I had a great time.  We watched Winnie the Pooh in French.  Oatie hasn't made it back into school... yet.

Oatie has improved so much since we started ABR, I remember Annie asking what was our goal/expectations did we have, and I said any improvement would do... I'll see if I can dig out a photo from last year.

Something my eldest said, my eldest's school has around 700 students in the whole school, which isn't a big school by any-means, and well I said jokingly more than anything, make sure you stay away from anyone with the lurgy (cold/flu) at school... (he has a fun few days lined up) he chimed back, no one is sick at my school.  Which got me thinking.... how come in a school of 700 which has kids from G1-G12 do they have so much more reduced sickness than at my younger two's.  A Grade 12 student would be involved in far more social groups out of school, than say a Grade 2 person.  The whole Grades 1-6 were in close proximity for weeks rehearsing their fantastic show.

My younger son (Oatie) and Daughter's school has a total max of 70 kids in it.... Yep 70!  They perpetually have different plagues going around all the time.  The difference is that my eldest's school have a "lock down room" if you're ill and get you sent home.  My daughters and Oatie's just let people who have vomited during the night go to school a few hours later!

Oh and my daughter has been bullied again, to the point that she was pushed over on ice in some slush... a very strong email to the school from her mummy.... and well, I was very impressed with the response I got back, they have been really good and done some role playing in class and have taken it school wide,  of social behaviour and antisocial behaviour and they are planning a everyone's different theme but everyone should be accepted.... which I'm really impressed with.

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