Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is it Friday Yet? I like the weekend!

Today, we had lots of fun, we're allergic to cow's milk, well mum's allergic and dad's intolerant. So about 95% of our food is homemade and, all our snacks for school, cakes etc. So we did some baking today.

My brother had a climbing wall session with his Beaver Scouts, I'd like to be a Beaver one day, the nice thing about the Scout Movement is that they accept anyone and everyone and it's fully inclusive, the only thing that they won't tolerate is repetitive anti-social behavior. My parents are both Scouters but with different age ranges.

We had a comic moment, I wanted to do my flashcards, they make me feel good as I KNOW that I'm really good at them, mum and dad were going to challenge me by adding two new words, but I "Swiped" another word, I saw my brother's name so I took that one too. I got them all right yippee!

We played, had a long bath, watched a family film, we read some books, we baked we web-camed with our Nana and Granddad which I LOVED. They are coming for a visit soon and I'm really excited. So a nice family day...

My marble run toy got accidentally knocked over, so mum's going to relocate it for me, so I was showing my granddad bits of the marble toy you can see in the photo.

Night Night, I have school tomorrow and manual ABR tomorrow, I wonder if mum's granola bar or fruit buns will make it in my snack bag....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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