Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My post vanished! oh well...

Oatie in the tunnel at School this morning, (with a car of course!)
Yesterday I diligently wrote a post, but with my wonderful (I really actually LOVE IT) Iphone, I swished the screen by accident and well I forgot to save it... oops!

Oatie's recognising of site words is amazing, we added a new word "pig", and instantly after being told what it was, he said the letters and then after shuffling his existing cards, he said them all correctly... I suppose what was so endearing was when he tests us back, he's started to use inflection in his voice to ask the question back, so he held up Cow and said "what's that Dadda?" so his dad cheekily said PIG, Oatie was like, nope, here's "pig", he found it in the jumbled pile on the floor and this is "COW", it was that which I was just astonished, I guess.  My daughter self started to read at 2.5, but his retention and accuracy is amazing. 

Well Yesterday I had two questions, but today I want to throw out another?

  1. My first, was what should people say, when they don't know what to say, you know like when they are confronted with your child's disability, lots of people don't' know how to react, and go all funny, and look away or the next time you bump into each other ignore you... as YOUR CHILD makes THEM feel uncomfortable.  Or should they say nothing?
  2. Well this is more on a personal note, we always wanted four children, so did/does my husband.  So I'm feeling broodie at the moment and I suppose it's been a year since his diagnosis and I'm beginning to heal a little from the shock and ready to take life by the reins again and move on from the diagnosis...  But what would the probability be to have two children born into the same family with CP?  I hope it never would, but it could and that scares me.
  3.  Which I suppose give me a supplementary question, if people could during their pregnancy SCREEN for Brain Damage caused in the womb, I have read recently that pregnancy caused CP for example happens in the first trimester, would YOU have a scan for that? and what would your actions be?
Here is a photo from this morning, Oatie has been loving school after Christmas, he's been on the goodbye mat joining in the songs, and today he put on his own hat and one glove as he was going to take the one he put on off, to put that one on...  and today to my regular "rock" at school he said to that dad, "So X, how's it going, you going in your pizza car (it's red and all red cars are pizza cars) now?"


  1. Cool photo! There is definitely a need for disability awareness and etiquette training for everyone! Check back on my blog for more thoughts in response to your comment! Cheers!

  2. Tough questions, Mel. As with Adam, I would like people to talk to him in a regular voice and compliment him on his smile, etc. I would like them to touch him! I would also like that they ask me questions about his injury and about his therapy. Simply, I would like people to pay attention and be interested. Don't think that that's asking much.
    About having another child...I think that's a question no one can answer except you guys. It's all about your ability and strength to manage. If you feel ok, then go for it.
    Pre-natal testing is tough and involves invasive tests for genetic problems. I haven't read that there are any effective tests for cp, I could be wrong.
    Tough questions! I don't think I could answer the last two for myself. Thank god, we (Sharon and I) are beyond child bearing years. I would never want to give anyone advice as to what to need to let your heart guide you.

  3. Thanks guys, I don't think I would go for invasive tests either. Thanks for your opinions too. If we could I think we'd adopt a little someone who had no one. I have 26lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnant weight so I don't think it will be this year lol! (it was 70lb, I put on 70lb each time and lost it all before the next.


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