Sunday, January 9, 2011

My first reading experience

Today my brother started my first guided reading experience, my brother and sister are going to teach me to read.  My big brother told me what the words were, only once, anyway dad came down to see as he could hear everyone clapping, and even after he shuffled the words, I could recognise the words correctly and I got them all right, we started with 3 words, Cow, Bear and Dog and my sister added Car to it.  I then wanted to make sure that my dad knew what they were, so I tested him and taught them to him, just in case....  I was using my finger but I decided to use Goldie (my toy car) parking at the correct word as my reading companion!

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(Mum posted 13 second video of me, but on mum's iphone it's just blank space, if you're wondering why there is some blank space)

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