Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here is part A, for Phil... get the eggs ready!

OK. Here's the thing... I've been laid up in bed the past day or so, so Oatie's having a ball playing the loudest 3 most irritating toys for his dad who's working from home.

When I threw up on our deck, Oatie cheered and clapped "good job mama... Really good job.. Now shaking his head with pride... Excellent mama!"

No I'm not with child, it's a long boring story but I have a screwed up endocrine system. I tried a new med without food as this wonderful Specialist said and printed on the bottle, and after being sick for most of the day, I looked online and best to have WITH food like a huge meal!!!

This post below was one of the few I didn't publish last Thursday...

The flow from post 2:41 will be published as part B, I don't do PC when I'm ill, so this is dedicated to Phil who said he could do with a laugh!

So here's my disclaimers disclaimer!


So from last Thursday...

No Laughing...I started to write a post about people being totally irresponsible with their two year olds, by trying to get their toddlers Killed in the car park, as on slick black ice these idiotic parents let their 1-3 year olds trail 15feet behind them on their own at our Rec centre car park where it's poor visibility for drivers to see and if the driver tried to stop they wouldn't. The parents are sipping coffee or chatting on their phone not like they have an arm full of other children! To then re-writing it... I think this is my fourth attempt... well the indecision of which post as my Husband is working and I have been waiting to watch one of our favourite shows together since the kids went to bed...

I got tempted to post the "Flow" the bit from post 2:41 that I haven't been bold or brave or stupid enough to post. I almost got tempted too....

My reservations for not posting the "flow" post, is that I think it would come over as me; complaining, moaning or being depressed, neither of which would be true. Another Blog that I follow said the same thing, that the keyboard doesn't let you convey your feelings as you would from a "face to face".

Maybe I will publish it, but put a huge disclaimer for it to be taken in the way it was meant. The reason for the re-think of posting is that a friend of mine was saying how she never see's me apart from when we're nattering when our kids do an activity together and wanted to meet up for coffee.

Well, I know coffee mornings aren't a novel idea, but I wanted to start a "Bring a MUG" once a month at our house. So if people really wanted to see me, then we could have a social and if people wanted to turn up they could... the idea for the mug was so people could recognise their own drink.... and then they also take their mug home too... so no 80 mugs to wash afterwards..... and I could see my friends as since doing ABR, my time has become regimented.

Regimented sounds too bland, I have a "window of Opportunity" from when we started ABR from the time we did till he's 7 to make the greatest gain. Being an ex-and maybe once again an endurance "athlete" I'm not and didn't consider myself one, but my friends did. I set my eye on the line and go, never been one to be competitive with others, just with myself. Well that's how I see ABR if you're going to have a go, do it with your heart, give it a fair chance and commit. What's 4 years? Like really... We look to do ABR longterm beyond the 4 but I think it would be a nice case study for the ABR team as Oatie's had no other therapy or intervention than just PURE ABR.

I want to make clear that I LOVE all my children equally, we don't have favourites in our house. And Yes, if I could magic away Oatie's CP I might consider it... but would that change who he is...?


  1. Okay Oatie's Mum,
    Oatie gets an A, for pure plum & pluck, and for being so droll at
    such a young age!! I'm referencing his comments to you after witnessing your rather unpleasant purge, of course!!
    I so hope to meet you all sometime at some outdoor recreation opportunity. (preferably with my partner Marcy, and the Dzialo's!!)
    By the way, though I'm known as Meb here, I am the Maribeth Phil has referred to.
    Loving your family from afar, Maribeth

  2. Oh Maribeth, such an honor to meet you, I think you are an awesome lady. One day that would be super, Oatie seems to be a winter sport maniac.

    My eldest is in a musical tonight so I thought I had better wash my hair and look presentable!!! And Oatie stroked my straightened hair and said "yummy feels like Chocolate!"

  3. I loved your stream of consciousness post. I agree with you totally about irresponsible parents of little kids who do not attend to them or ignore them. In Falmouth, here every store and other place has a sign that says "all unattended children will be given an expresso and baby kitten and taken home." Also, when I'm with Sharon in a restaurant and there's a kid who is screaming and making my "chateaubriand" an unpleasant experience, I always ask the waitress if I can buy the kid a whiskey and if she would anonymously bring it to the table.
    By the way, If I was in your neighborhood, I'm bring a mug!!!Give Oatie a hug for us, I think he's great! "Good job, mama!"


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