Monday, January 24, 2011

Well, We had a great Manual ABR Day...

Inbetween me feeling mildly feverish - hey! no laughing... Oatie and I did 3 hours. I concentrated on his lower half and did an hour on each lower exercise as I didn't want to make him uncomfortable or move him too much and he was happy and I thought I do as much as I can without making myself feel worse.

He had his bench companion join him Crystal and he really enjoyed that I think as much as she did.

We started off watching Baby Einstein, Oat goes through phases of what he likes to watch, his choice was "Baby's first moves" well, the last time he watched that one was a year ago, I did say are you sure... (It's kind of rubbing his CP in his face!) he said yes, and after having a discussion in my head about whether I should have let him pick it or should I have shielded him from watching it... as yes he see able people walking everywhere but not how to crawl on DVD or how to stand on DVD as this one is on... So I had just decided that if he asked to change it I would casually and not make a thing of it and put the car Baby Einstein on as he loves that one. When he said different one..., so I said I like the music on the car one, he agreed so we switched....

The other day with my PC self screening on having a kid with CP I know... PC-CP! sound like the CO-OP lol! I wrote a post about people taking un-necessary risks with their kids, I don't mean an "organised activity which has risk assessment, like the Scout Troop I help with went Snow Showing in a Mountain resort at the weekend (I couldn't go as I didn't have anyone who could take Oatie for 9 till 5pm), there was an avalanche warning but not for over 10 miles away) or skating or riding your bike, all have risk but acceptable risk. Today I let my middle child, figure skate without her helmet for the very first time, she has been jumping and spinning for a whole year without incident, and the head coach has given her falling lessons, her hair has grown so she can have a ponytail (added protection) and ok... this might be a bit far... but I bought some sorbothane sheeting and lined an inner woolly hat with the Sorbothane all around the head and a double layer around the back of the head and she puts a very pretty hat on top. (Sorbothane is used by runners for shock absorbing insoles, so runners save jarring their knees and no shin splints etc). My dad took my older sons helmet of him last year for his figure skating and vetoed me as his Grandad and said he loves him soooo much, and told me that my eldest has the "Right to live" and not live in cotton wool just because of Oatie's condition, we had just found out one year ago tomorrow.

Well I saw something that annoyed me unsupervised children, and well today it was worse... We were at the rec centre and a person I know's 6 year old went missing for 40+ minutes.... the mum was chatting as always and neglects her kids, and lets her 6 &1 year old roam freely in a public facility each week. The one year old has fallen down a flight of stairs, I went to take my 7&5 year old for their yoga class and saw this girl bounce down the stairs on her head, I carried the poor girl back to her mum and explained what happened and she just SHRUGGED her shoulders, like whatever, she's fine... Well today her 6 year old went missing, mine were in their supervised Yoga/jump class and so I helped her look for her daughter, I bumped into a neighbour and she joined the search, we got the Rec Centre on lock down and they phoned the police, they had every rec centre staff from cleaning to management with tabbards and on the PA system to find this girl. EVENTUALLY the found her POOLSIDE and I know for a fact she is a weak swimmer! The two pools were heaving with lessons, and swim club and for a girl that small to be there without an adult not knowing and not looking out for her could have been catastrophic... from life guarding myself as a teen, we had strategies for a busy pool, we would lifeguard as a team and it was almost like a dance, we'd rotate and one would be perimeter sweeping, one would be looking at the bottom looking for possible bodies, one would be head counting and one would be up high on the highchair overseeing. I know that at this pool a lifeguard refused to jump in for a girl with epilepsy during a seizure, her mother told me, as it was a pre-existing condition fortunately her mother was a lifeguard in her youth too and jumped in and saved her (this was 5 years ago) before we moved here. So when our kids Skating club for the summer camp had swimming as an afternoon activity, and it was my volunteering day to supervise the kids, I had my swimming costume on under my clothes shoes off and (I know I must have annoyed the lifeguards there, but they know me as a regular swimmer there) as I lifeguarded the kids I supervised as after the epilepsy story I couldn't trust the lifeguards and either myself or my husband were present poolside.

So when I look at my beautiful Oatie and see the struggles he has on a day to day.... and then see this mum who is a nice person, just carelessly put her kids at risk, not once but all the time and for no called reason its not like she's nursing a baby so hence restricted... and my husband says it's neglect, It really gets on my wick! How many times does her one year old have to fall on her head or the 6 year old to go missing? This is a public facility with 3 rinks, 2 pools and a gym and multi leveled and full open access, I said to the mum once we found her, I still feel sick, like we were fearing the worst... I asked her if she did and she said NO! the other mums who were helping felt sick too.. I even phoned my husband who was going to pick us up outside, as if he saw someone leaving with this girl, he'd recognise the girl and intervene....and he felt sick, during our dinner we still felt sick. Before the 6 year old went missing the 1 year old almost head-planted down the benches into the concrete another mother grabbed and saved her! James Bulger, Maddie McCann. How can people treat their kids like that? How can they take their lives for granted like that?
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  1. PC/CP - love it! (you have a great sense of humor and a great sense of outrage!) I appreciate it when you move into the arena of the "not so politically correct" You demonstrate courage, passion, love and devotion. Hope you feel better.

  2. Thank you Sharon and Eric xxx

    The cat's are making me feel better. My cat is Funny, she's aloof most of the time, but if I'm ill, she assumes the role of the caregiver, she follows me everywhere (yes she witnessed the deck incident). My husband gave her to me as an engagement present, his babysitter used to breed Birmans! She'll be 12 this year. We have 3 "English" cat's that moved over with us and one Canadian Cat which is a "Crystal"


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