Sunday, January 23, 2011

Instead of Sore Throat it should be called RAW throat!

My throat is so sore! Well I wasn't up to much today and neither was Oatie, so we had a pj day at home. My older two were back from the rink at 9am and we rolled out some gingerbread cookies (yes it's my latest obsession) and we played, watched some films, I did a small sewing project and My eldest flew his remote controlled helicopter thing and my daughter did some crafts. Oatie seems better and is snuggled with his ABR machine on.

Occasionally Oatie spontaneously stands up so I snapped a photo of him and one of him eating some of his Christmas Chocolate, yes, he has some every now and then... I think his stash will last till Easter!

School tomorrow, I had better get on with the packed lunches.
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