Wednesday, January 5, 2011


When Oatie and I first went to Montreal to start ABR, we travelled alone by air. Travelling with a 2 year old wouldn't usually be daunting or a challenge as I worked for our national airline. But travelling with a child who couldn't stand, walk or fit on the change table on your own was a very special eyeopening experience and a lonely one. Like when you've hurt your leg and then noticed the path had an incline but you never noticed it before. Oatie is very attached to his dad and was crying on the plane when this nice Canadian soldier popped his hand through the gap in the seats and handed Oatie his very first lollipop. Oatie has loved flying eversince. This nice soldier helped us off the aircraft to all the way to the taxi rank.

We're slowly going through our Halloween candy, so today the kids choose a lollipop each, when Oatie goes "airplane yeah!"
Today we did 2:20 manual ABR

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