Monday, January 3, 2011

Blog Makeover - and Does "Swiper" the fox have CP?

Today I gave Oatie's blog a little, blogger makeover, rather than the snow background, there is now an ice background, I was going to take a photo of the ice of one of Oatie's brother or sisters ice-tracings and use that as the background.  My ice tracings are not textbook... (I'm still learning to skate) my one foot spin looks like a roller-coaster lol!  I like skating too, and I really enjoy our adult lessons, it's one hour a week, where Oatie's dad and I, (with our helmets and padding) learn something new and have some fun too.

Oatie played with his plush Swiper, and played role play with him and invented a scenario where Swiper was the Hero (from Dora the Explorer), yes it did involve his sister's Barbie car and the "people" that needed rescuing were also cars.  As, his Sister, the other day (after Oatie insisted on having Dora on his screen and the main TV for his WHOLE 3 hour bench session) came up with a huge story, defense and evidence on how Swiper could have cerebral palsy for a fox, and how, therefore he couldn't communicate his words, thoughts or feelings as well as Dora or boots, as what he says is very similar and limited to a few phrases like her brother Oatie, and how he would like to be a nice good fox, but he can't express himself verbally very well, so he would like to just play with Dora and boots and go on their adventures but as he "doesn't fit in" he gets excluded and never gets a chance to join in as before he does, it's always "Swiper no Swiping".  And on the odd occasion Swiper is allowed to join in the adventure like getting baby fox back to his mum, Swiper was the hero.  Oatie's sister also backed it up with further evidence on how Dora made her baby twin brother and sister LIFT her and boots up in the air in the episode "Super Babies", and how this was another example of Dora was further taking advantage of other people.  Well, anyway after the case was won by Oatie's sister, Oatie went into the playroom and found a mini soft squishy ball, and started to roll Swiper's chest and Oatie said "Swiper Bench YES!"...  since that day, Oatie has taken Swiper shopping in his cart, and taken him to bed and to me, it looks like he has kind of has taken Swiper under his wing.  Watch out world, Oatie's BIG sister is 5 and is one of Oatie's stongest Advocates, so if she has this much passion and spirit at 5...just watch and wait...

Happy New Year!  Love Oatie's Mum


  1. I love the swiper story!!!! Oatie taking Swiper under his wing, rolling his chest - this sounds like something many ABR parents could use as a tool with their children. Hope lots of folks read this blog! And, your daughter sounds very precious and wise beyond her years - an "old soul" perhaps.

  2. Have you heard of "Meet Me on the Mountain"? Oatie might like this kids book with animals doing adaptive skiing - there might even be a fox! There is a picture link at or you can google the book title. Thanks for being a follower by the way!


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