Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cavemen R us?

Oatie standing, he was a bit scared, he's never stood on snow on his own before
Today Oatie experienced 3 of his classmates laughing at Oatie's cerebral palsy, how he walks to a broad range of his physical limitations. It went on for a good few minutes with giggles between each nasty comment. So I did say to the lady in charge, I know kids will be kids but... I told her what I heard and I requested that that it's nipped in the bud as comments like that would become habitual and if not told it's "out of order" the kids will think it's ok to say when it's not.

Anyway told my new knight in shining armor what just happens as I found last time I needed to rally the supportive parents to defend Oatie when the anti-CP brigade bitch about Oatie. My new knight said how he thought we'd evolved from being cavemen... So I joked back that it appears that we still are cavemen just living in a different style of cave with electricity!

Seriously what's changed, survival of the fittest, the world is based judged on physical prowess, like the Olympics, Wimbledon, Football World-cup, Basketball, Super Bowl etc, The amount of TV coverage given to Sporting Events to Intellectual TV for example, and even then the sporting events TV coverage is weighted on "manliness".  (I admit, I too love the Olympics).  I used to love watching the London Marathon, and did so as a young child till we left the UK, since I could remember, I always cheered for the "Wheelies" as I thought that was so much more impressive what they did compared to the traditional "runner".

Look at another example where many societies globally have all this FREE help in-school out of school to the intellectually UNFORTUNATE, so if you're thick there is lots of FREE help to bring these kids up-to "standard" in mainstream schools. I have nothing against that per say supporting these people, but where is the FREE help for physically restricted people in the same abundance, I've also noticed how people with behavioral disorders get so much more "help" than the physically restricted too. But if you are physically restricted you could be a brainiac like Stephen Hawkin, but you're on your own, pay financially for your or your Child's 'restriction', many times over, whether it be a special chair, essential equipment etc etc and for a bonus, in general EXCLUDED from so much day to day as even today, modern buildings still aren't designed for an inclusive community, it's EXCLUSIVE!  This FREE help isn't free anyway, as it comes from our taxes.  So we financially contribute to the well-being of the intellectually unfortunate (I don't mind that in principle) but I get none or very very very little help for my son's physical restriction.  Where is survival of the fittest now then?, looks two tiered to me... if the intellectually unfortunate person is that way inclined, why not leave them be, like it is done to the physically impaired?  It should be, help those who need help equally in a way that would be helpful, I wouldn't have a problem with that, but why help some people but not all or have such a marked difference between levels of help?  Why does it appear that those who can't create a "Stink" get the raw end of the deal?

What made me roar with laughter is that a 10 year old girl came to school in a leg cast... (that bit wasn't funny..) but what was...Did she have to trek the 200m? NO mummy took her to the door almost mowing down children as this mum drove on the school playground!!! So here's the thing, you have a 'temporary' impairment you get special treatment, the amount of fuss inside the school was funny! Gets driven door to door, wouldn't want the broken leg girl to suffer out in the cold...... But you have a long term/permanent impairment who cares if it takes 15mins to go the 200m so you have to suffer, Ludicrous!!!

Then go inside school and have your cerebral palsy LAUGHED at by Neanderthals. I rest my case. Cavemen R us? BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


  1. This situation is so very sad, Mel. Your perceptions of kids and schools and society is absolutely right on target. It is the job of schools to protect every student from being bullied or teased. It is the job of schools to insure that every child has an equal opportunity to learn and to have full access to the curriculum. Schools more often than not do a poor job of both.
    Unfortunately, kids bring to school the prejudices and biases of their parents. It's the parents who need a slap up the side of the head, then the kids. Where did we lose the sense of right and wrong in society? I believe that all parents of disabled kids can do is to make an abundance of noise, then kids get the opportunities and accommodations that they need; unfortunately, not enough parents make noise. Your advocacy for Oatie is quite admirable and I hope more parents support you.
    Any adult who questions Oatie's belonging in a regular school should be terminated (literally)! They do not belong in an educational institution nor are they entitled to membership in civil society.
    I can't wait for the day that Oatie will be able to wallop the crap out of a bully!

  2. Dear Phil,

    Thanks for your support. Today the bully has backed right off, and Oatie's had two enjoyable days in a row. I don't understand how anyone could be anti-disabled people, one of the repeat offenders her mum is one of the school councilors and is doing her masters in Child Psychology!

    We're likely to have a huge battle, the school that my my eldest is currently at and my middle one should pass the entry to attend as this fall, is highly athletic, the school does however 'select' students. What we like about the school it teaches the kids about being global, their curriculum is based on the the IB, and giving a good solid academic education too, and they embrace the kids individuality, so they should emerge from the school a rounded person. (In contrast, my husband went to an excellent but very traditional boarding school in England, and he said he missed the "rounding" his was all about academia and Sports, but not about caring about the world). So this school, we thought would be nice so one day if they wanted to go to Uni in Europe they could, and at this school they teach about all the things that society is generally lacking, helping the needy, huge huge charitable projects around the world etc.

    The funny thing is, is that I don't think that they have had a disabled student and if they had, not for a long time. So each time I see the principle I catch her looking at Oatie as a "battle" to come. We don't see why he can't go when he is probably as bright or brighter than our other two, it's his level of accuracy and retention, I'm still being blown away by, whether he demonstrating his knowledge with counting, or flashcards or colours or he's beginning to say how things work. Today we saw a car get stuck by our mail boxes, in the snowy ditch, and he said , "car stuck, wrong wheels, need Truck, get car back on road, apple phone mummy?". We know his bright enough to pass the entry, so if they reject him in 2.5 years time, they would be rejecting someone whom they base their entire school philosophy and principles on. It will be a watch this space for that one. Meanwhile I'm going to be finding out as much about Oatie's rights as I can over the next 2 years in case of the "battle" or if anyone else is having one!

    I love your last sentence about walloping the bully, well, he did "Ung" the bully on Monday, no broken skin more of a warning nip!!! (I did tell him off for not using his words and told him why it was wrong, and we practiced a few phrases that he could use instead of nipping someone!) but the bully has been giving him a wide berth...




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