Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Swiper the Fox - PR representative for Foxes with potential CP wins again...

Yes, my beloved daughter has now convinced her older brother that Swiper is in fact a misunderstood Fox with potential CP and receives poor treatment from Dora. Today while Oatie and I were doing our bench session (Oatie hugging Swiper), Oatie's older brother was watching Dora too, saying that Swiper was trying to Swipe Isa's cupcakes and that he was a BAD fox, well that was it, Oatie's sister stated her whole case from A-Z, asking her brother where was Swiper's invite? If he was included then he wouldn't feel the need to Swipe to get attention from being ignored!

Anyway I use my iPhone for our Manual ABR, I have a app called "TIMELOGGER" I love it, I put all his exercises in it and it has a start and stop feature and you can add deductions, and well whenever you want, you can see you actual time you done, and email it as an excel sheet to your desktop.

Oatie's sister unplugged my phone, switched it to Camera and too photos of the TV, of Dora shutting a hedge door in Swiper's face and Boots smiling!

I know it's just Dora the Explorer, but what I like about Oatie's sisters theory is that she has been thinking outside the box, she has thought about someone else's feelings and also rather than just shutting Swiper up, by saying Swiper no Swiping, she want to resolve the problem or conflict, she would want to mediate, get in there and try and make a change and create understanding between Dora and Swiper.

OK and she did persuade me to post the photo she took...

Today we did just under 2:45 (no not 2:41) we could have creamed 3 hours, but I decided to help a friend in need which did take up a few hours of our day. Before we had Cerebral Palsy in our life like known which is coming up to1 year end of Jan, I would have given my time in a blink of an eye. Now, I feel torn between hitting my target of ABR hours and volunteering my time, when for me there aren't enough hours in the day. I still do volunteer with the Scouts Association each week, but unscheduled spontaneous helping out of others for me, come more from the heart now than they ever did before, not because I don't want to help but I don't tend to have "Luxury" time like I used to, everything is executed down to military precision...

So.... what I don't like even more now after having CP in our life, is people wasting my time, like if you went to a meeting and the objective was sidelined not for any other reason but it being ill chaired, for a natter (chatting about nothing), I don't mind a good chat about nothing but when that was what was planned. Or just sheer incompetence of others, which ends up wasting your time, like courier companies and bureaucrats, I hope that doesn't sound too harsh, maybe I will post the "The Flow" part of "post 2:41" to explain what I mean.

Yes, every now and then, unintentionally people put their foot in it or rub your face in it, but if it's done un-intentionally I don't mind and have no ill feeling towards that person, at least they are talking to me normally and unguarded, I'd rather that then they feel that they can't talk to me because of Oatie's CP. Yesterday a friend and I were at a public facility coo-ing over a few month old baby, it was a beautiful child and well, my friend said, we're (me and her) are looking afar at the baby, as we're past that stage, all of ours (mine and hers) are running around and independent, not at that awkward in-between crawling-walking stage. Well, 2 of mine are and one isn't, Oatie although 3.5 at the end of the month, is like an 8 month old in walking, he'll stand up take some steps, sometime he'll make his target, and other times he won't as he'll fall most of the time he'll frog-hop crawl to get around. In another way it was flattering that she see's past Oatie's CP and see him as just Oatie a kid. But inwardly, you feel the hurt, pain and loss of your brain injured child all over again, like a dagger through your heart, how you pictured your family, and the actual picture of your family. We have a lovely photo my mum took of the 5 of us when we got home from hospital with Oatie, all of us beaming, it's on a digital frame by our bench, and how we had no idea at the time that he had brain injury and what we were in store for. Our family photos still have beaming faces, just that Oatie's grin is the HUGEST!

Swiper shut out from the secret hedge door BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop
I was looking at that strangers baby, wishing (inwardly to myself) that it didn't have "hidden" CP, as you couldn't tell with Oatie when he was a baby, we bought a plastic hamburger for Oatie to kick on the ice when he could walk, Oatie's brother has saved all his skates for Oatie, but I cant' part with them as it feels like we've given up on the idea of improvement, and his brother won't let me part with them either as he's saved them for him.

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