Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wigs and politics

Dusted the dust off our Swiper DVD...
Well, today we managed just over 1 hour of ABR, which wasn't as much as I had hoped but it was better than nothing.

We dusted the dust of Super Spies Dora and much to my pleasure we watched Dora on loop.  Although as you know I do like Swiper.

I now have a wifi headset so no wires so while I'm doing Oatie's ABR we don't have the tangled wire frustration either so that's really nice.

I can't remember if I mentioned I was going to donate my hair to my Friends friend, I donate my hair anyway and the lady who has cancer, was going to use her, her daughters and my hair (my hair and her hair were almost exact shades...) and I found a few more people with similar colour who would donate too.  The thing is that hair is very lucrative money-wise especially if you have my ethnic origin hair..., last time I donated two wig lengths my hair grew another inch, while I investigated and found the actual charity, not some charity who SOLD it (to a non cancer business) and then donated the money to a cancer charity....

Well, this evening, I found out that my friends friend has just chopped off her hair, before it falls out, she found out how much it would cost to have the wig made and it was not affordable.  So her and her daughter are going to have to donate their hair to charity, (her daughter's is already chopped) so some "wealthy" cancer person can have it, and the person who donated it going through the same plight, can't have any hair, because they don't have the 0000's in their bank balance.  

In my outrage, I did email a wig making company that is local 15 minutes away, that  (supports people fighting cancer) I came across last year, and asked if we could barter hair for a wig or something as this just doesn't seem fair at all.

Ok you can probably tell I'm feeling a bit better, getting all fiery again...  I'm hoping to hit the 3 hours tomorrow with Oatie.

Love Oatie's mum


  1. I hope they go for the barter! Good for you for looking into it.

  2. Dear Sherry, my comments seem to disappear when I post them... lol! Well I hope that they go for the barter too, Or I find some way to make it possible for this lady, even If I have to run a half marathon with their banner plastered across my chest. I will keep you posted, if they don't reply by Monday, they will be called by me. I don't know the lady, but I saw photos of her on her wedding day (3 days after her first chemo) and she just has a beautiful aura, and like you, when you strike a chord with someone,... I feel like I've known you forever. Love Mel x


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