Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 3 Done

Today, my little girl skated her introductory freeskate and came 4th which was fabulous, she had a great skate, one of her personal bests and lovely technique. The dress I made her and finished it on Weds, I saw fir the first time today she looked sooo cute, she always skates and practises her best, she skated against kids who were 1-2 years older than herself, and still 5 till this Friday. She came off and the other parents were all worried whether their kid got a medal... I said I don't care, she came off the ice with NO brain injury.... I don't care if she places... She was fantastic.

My eldest skated this afternoon and all 3 of his coaches were there as 2 of them finished at the other arena and came to cheer him on. He was so pumped and excited he went out and had the skate of his life, to the point all the blood rushed to my face (never seen him skate so fast ever) landed his jumps and his spin at the end he just kept going...) the speed he skated at there was not a single split hair margin for error...he's quite shy but today he really surprised me, how while going at that speed worked out near the end he'd have to slow it down and build up the "tension" to his end spin, so he showed his landings off... And wow! He ended his spin with a heel dig, which just made his spin stop... He said he invented the idea near the end.

None of us including him cared where he placed, it was the "skate of his life" he wanted to cheer and watch two of his friends who skated after... Who closed the comp, the organisers came to find him, as he got Gold. He was so pumped and on fire... That 30 mins later he was still roasting from skating 1minute and 34 seconds.

I just remember being totally gobsmacked mouthing to my husband OMG did you see THAT!!! He skates so fast now that I kind of feel sick before he goes out (fear of brain injury).

Why I let them do it? it was his passion since he was 4 well the idea of, he didn't start till he was 5...

Why? Well, they HAVE to LIVE too, the coaches I have trusted with my life, they've taught me, I trust them totally, never push beyond the kids capability. They need to be able to live, risk take and have their own destiny. If I have to sit there and feel sick for 5 mins once in a while, than so be it. Not that they aren't great skaters, they are it's just that wrapping them in cotton wool would be so easy/tempting to do.

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