Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm back, had a mini vacation?... not!

If I was wearing a hat, I'd take it off, to anyone who started their family in their late 30's - 40's. I have been totally wiped with the recent competition, the start the new school term and before that the flu and making 6 pieces of clothing! Maybe it's more the fact that as well as the other two Oatie physically is like that awkward inbetween stage of an 8-10 month old being mobile but not walking....

My ice princess (who successfully batted her eyelids at her daddy,) persuaded her dad, to let them compete this coming weekend as she wanted to spend her 6th birthday on the ice in a princess dress. I did ask one of the 15 year old skaters who's birthday is in April too, if that still happens at 15 and she said no.... so we said ok, and well I made the dress and she got to try it out last weekend.

Well I've never been to Edmonton, and lots of friends have raved about the Mall. I miss shopping in England or the US. Shopping in Montreal is good as the clothes have more flair and colour than here. This morning the kids had early morning skating, on the ice at 7am... and I'm thinking maybe that's why I'm wiped this evening.

Tomorrow, after more skating... (they have a test day coming up) we're driving to Edmonton, and there is the threat of MORE snow. It was either drive up tomorrow, or get up at 3 or 4am... which didn't sound appealing. lol! So today I baked and iced a simple cake that will keep and travel well. (I usually like to make hugely elaborate ones).

On the way home from this weeks' comp, I'm meant to be at Scout camp.... and then it's Double Test Day on Wednesday I have two testing arghghghghghghggh. My then 6 year old + 5 days. will be testing a dance that usually 7+ test and well, being so small, and the dance partner having to be in an almost 90o Squat due to the height difference... and so far my son who's testing the next one... told me today how his feet get in a pickle should he be worried...? (Oatie then pipped up... and said ohhhhhhhhhhh Maaaannnnnnnnnn) well that made me roar with laughter... the fact that he fully understood the whole exchange, something out of context as we're talking about skating in our kitchen. So I have told them it's better to do your best/try your best and risk failing than it is to just not even have a go. Passing or failing has no reflection on their skating "career" and they can always retest in Summer. They have 3 more practices to nail it. My eldest tends to pull things out the bag on the day. My daughter said she can't concentrate when she's partnered with him, as the dance partner is just sooo handsome, she said he looks like Prince Charming from Cinderella... I'm like oh no...!

The occupational therapist, came to school on Monday to assess Oatie. and she is meant to phone us to relay her observations! Well I'm not surprised,... but nothing so far! Meanwhile all the people who have special needs or work with, are giving me a list of people and organisations to phone. So I think I'll save that joy till Monday.

Oatie had his chickenpox vaccine yesterday and tollerated it well and told me how he wanted more injections... lol! Well he needed to be "adjusted" to the Canadian schedule. He needs one more tetanus style booster next Month and then its the can of worms of the MMR. Our other two had single vaccines, and here in Canada you can't get one of them, our GP said if we could get it imported, he'd inject him... I know that many of you might say that it's perfectly safe.

The thing for me is, you would never say get mumps, and then be out in society to be exposed to measles and then have mumps and measles and then all at the same time get rubella. It just wouldn't happen, you'd be sick and in bed. In the UK, at our toddler group, my eldest was the youngest of the pregnancy cycle, I say that as the time between baby 1 and 2 and or 3... fairly equally spaced... lol so a lot of ours were all similar age and then our seconds were all similar aged.... etc... I saw 4 kids over a year who were fine before the MMR, and then the week later when I saw them, they were "different" one stopped babbling/chatting. One started to look past people or through them and it was just odd, like a total change of personality it was like a switch. then there were the ones who looked like they never even had an immunisation.

Oatie's never had any MMR and we're having to toy with the idea of, letting him have the single vaccine now now he's nearly 4 (more developed immune system than a 1 year olds) or go for the singles but it would be a huge endeavour to do so.

Well we've got our ABR in not quite our 3 hours per day but near two each day this week.

Well it's 11pm and I'm totally flaked, so goodnight world...

Love Oatie's mum

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