Monday, April 18, 2011

Snowy Monday!

Well, if you don't believe me, it's been snowing lots at the weekend, apparently people have seen Geese re-migrate south again! lol!

Oatie still looking wiped from flu and then his vaccine
Our trees have no signs of buds and well it's all rather odd really! I think Spring has been cancelled.

The disabled ramp had 8inches of snow, so Tina Turner biceps for me today lol!

Well since I've given up coaxing the kids in the car, we've been late, as my voice can't take it, but today, the kids actually self motivated themselves to get in the car, so we were on time, my eldest is always on time, but it's my daughter who's the one who's late. Oatie doesn't start till 8.45. My eldest is meant to be at school at 8.35am, and 12km away, my daughter is meant to be at school at 8.25 and Oatie 8.45 same place as my daughter. So I drop my eldest off first, his principle gave him permission to be early early, and the I drop the other two off after.

My ice princess on her Birthday during warm up doing an arabesque- spiral
My little girl turned 6 on Friday, and had her birthday wish, to be an ice princess. When she fell asleep, she woke in the hotel room to a huge banner and lots of balloons and her presents. I smuggled a homemade dairy free chocolate cake with icing that she didn't know about, it was a cat head of her cat. She so didn't care where she places, she bounced and high fived all the girls who got medals... I bought her a new sparkle comb for her hair to skate in and and then we went for a shop, and she got some girly things and had a nice meal in a restaurant and then they served the chocolate cake. She was so happy, she fell asleep with a huge grin on her face.

Her hair, it twinkled as she skated! lol!
Oatie meanwhile has got a renewed appreciation for rinks, he claps for ALL the skaters and cheers them all on and likes watching it, and is very sweet and now likes taking photos too.

My eldest came away with a medal for each of the events he skated in. He's near the top of his level and My daughter is just starting out. She placed well she got 4th and 5th out of 8 and the other girls were 2-2.5 years older than her so she was really pleased she did as well as she did.
Oatie Babysitting her cuddly toy... he's wiped from cheering

Today we got in 3.5 if not 4 hours of ABR. Oatie had a great day at school and my older two had their last practice before DOUBLE TEST DAY - yikes!

The last test day, I was fairly sure that my eldest would pass and he did. This test day, I don't know, if they do they do and if they don't they don't. I just said as long as you did your best and try your hardest and you fail then I don't care. If you don't practice/try and then fail then I would. All you can do is do your best, and you have two options to try and risk failure, or not try at all. The second isn't really an option in my book, to me that's not living.

So my son is testing the second dance surprising his coach with one of the new tops I made, he's looking forward to that. My daughter is wearing her new princess dress. The dance partner joked with her saying now your 6, I won't have to bend down as far. The poor guy is skating a dance in a squat with her!

The day after is the last competition of the season for us. Huge flights (groups to skate against), for my daughter, and for my son it will only be 2, he likes it when there is lots of guys to skate against, more of a challenge and more exciting. The next level up of boys will be exciting to watch, they competeded against my eldest when he first started out, and then they moved up... and the same group will be skating against each other and we haven't seen those four boys go head to head for 1.5 years... so that should be fun. My daughter will be skating against 7-8 year olds and lots of them... as the almost nine year old from our club is in the next group.

Well I had better go and fix dinner, it's home-made pizza today and the kids are decorating mini princess chocolate cakes with the dolly picks in.


  1. OMG, I have been complaining that it's almost 60 F and the flowers are out and the trees are blooming. If it snowed here, I would put a bullet in head right now. I will pray to the goddess of weather for you so that the sun comes out and temperatures soar. Bless you...I'd me nuts rights now. BTW, Oatie is exceptionally cute guarding the toy. He needs an expresso!

  2. Hi Oatie's Mom,

    So sorry for the weather setback, but rest assured that it's only temporary. It still sucks, I know.

    Would you be willing to do a guest post on my blog for the May installment of my "Widening the Disability Perspective" series? Such illustrious folks as Phil, Claire, and bbsmum have contributed, and I'd love it if you'd join them. Feel free to email me if you're interested.



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