Friday, April 29, 2011

The Pox and Eye Graze...Sleeping Beauty and... the Royal Wedding

Well, Oatie unfortunately didn't make it to School today.  He felt slightly warm got a new pox...  and yesterday we noticed he'd scratched his eye somehow, fortunately it's in the corner... so he's not happy about having the drops to hopefully make it better.

My very own princess, is having her very own birthday party tomorrow... she's having a bowling party.  So apart from having one cake already (chocolate cat head), she was so sweet about choosing her cake, she actually said, "mummy I've already had a cake, and Oatie's bench is really important.... so one Cake is enough".  Who actually says that at age 6?  Well I thanked her for her love for Oatie and thinking of others, etc... but I said I'm making a cake for you to share with your friends.  So she chose the Wilton Enchanted Castle, more of a comic castle... and then was like, no... Sleeping Beauty Doll... no.... Enchanted Castle...  so I made the Enchanted Castle first.  And then realised how I remember Prince William's Mum getting married and shortly after we visited her families stately home in Northampton and accidentally bumped into her dad.  I loved Princess Diana even then, and she was already married and asked her dad where she was and he said in the Bath lol!  Princess Diana's dad then stated that there were too many stairs for my little feet and carried me up the stairs.  With the fact that Princess Diana's son was getting Married today... I though cor, time has really flown... and that time amount again, my little girl will be all grown up... and well, I made her the sleeping Beauty Cake too.  As you can tell from the photo, I really enjoyed making it and she designed how it would look.

Last night, my fabulous Canadian Friend who is a Die Hard Royalist... persuaded me to watch the wedding live with her.  I wasn't going to, as much as I respect William and Kate... after Princess Diana's death (which I have strong feelings about) and the marriage of Charles and Camilla,  (not because he was divorced but because their original dishonesty), well anyway, I did really enjoy watching and sharing the experience with her and explaining all the pomp and ceremony... and enjoying looking at the outfits... I am very happy for them and regardless on peoples view on the British Monarchy... apart from we throw a good party... with the world consumed in Doom and Gloom, natural disasters and violence etc.. broadcast in the media 95% of the time if not more...  It was nice having 1/3 of the world actually all sharing in some Joy, to see people in love, the basics of life.  And both of us being mum's of 3, really enjoyed the quiet peace of that time of day, and we had a mini English Tea Party, I took my Union Flag and well definitely a flashbulb memory. 


  1. I think that in my next life I'd like to come back as a king or queen or prince or whatever...could be a bit easier of a life. Hope Oatie's better real soon!

  2. Oh I wish I was there watching the wedding with you.I watched the rerun after I got up except the Kiss was watching that live. I loved it. Love your girls cake and bowling party that sounds great to me too. I hope Oatie is feeling better too.


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